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Life after University – 5 tips on how to figure out what to do

Girl, with my after uni life approaching so quickly, I get all the feels! One day I get super excited and dream of my life after uni. And then there are days when the fear kicks in. It is like a roller coaster. I know it won’t stop until I finally get a clearer vision of what I’ll actually be doing as a job.

Right now, it is nothing more than talking about all the possibilities. At the beginning, solely talking about it is fine. It helps me a lot to get rid of unrealistic ideas and to get my thoughts in order. After a while though, talking is nothing more than…talking.  Let’s head into a few  that already have helped me to get a little bit further in my decision process (not particular order).

1. Open up a profile in a professional network

Like for example LinkedIn, (for my German followers) Xing , Campusjäger.

You have to show up and become visible to possible employers and head hunters so they can find you and know that you exist. No one will ever discover your talent and your knowledge, if you don’t show it to them. The best way to get discovered (and to discover) is to open up a profile in one of these professional networks. They are not like Facebook where you can upload any picture or add the cousin of your best friend’s childhood friend to your contact list. This is like your online business card. Add every possible work experience to your profile so companies become interested in you. Anyways, those networks are also working the other way round: you can find possible employers and easily find out what positions they have open right now. You do not have to apply to or follow these companies right away but you might discover a few unknown – never heard of before – companies.

Life after university Girlbossheaven

2. Read magazines or articles/listen to podcasts about your industry or the industry you want to work in

How are you supposed to know what industry or what job you see yourself in, if you do not have first-hand information about how the inside of a branch looks like? Often we do not know anybody who works in our desired industry, so we have to get our hands on information ourselves.  The best way to do so? Read specific magazines, listen to podcasts, read blogs, watch videos or the good old fashioned way: google it!


3. Talk to people in real life and online

Now, if you are lucky enough to have a family member or friend in your life that can help you with your decision, that is amazing. You’re lucky! Use that gift and squeeze every possible advice out of them. The same works online. You do not necessarily have to meet this person in real life, maybe just chat with them over Instagram or Whats App. It doesn’t matter, as long as you get active and start collecting information and advice actively.

4. Apply for jobs that interest you and see if it works out

What if I don’t get selected for the position? What if I am not experienced enough? Yes, what if? I guess you will never find out…. Oh no, wait. Of course you can get answers to all those questions … by simply applying for a position. Don’t put yourself in the positions where those “what ifs” are starting to haunt you. You should better take it from me when I tell you “Better an oooops, than a what if”. You don’t have to get all scared that you are not the perfect fit for a certain position. There are high chances that the still give you the job because you are a great fit for the company and the team. So leave the guess work aside and just try it.


5. Get a broad vision of what job you could see yourself in

Yes, I know. How are you supposed to get a vision of the job you see yourself in when your thoughts are all over the place? It is similar to every other life situation: just take the first step. The first step is always the hardest. At the beginning you – for sure – will not have a structured picture but it will develop over time. You may start by:

  • Writing down aspects that you value in a job
  • Making a list of jobs that are of interest for you
  • Writing down the names of leading companies in your industry or companies that seem like a good employer to you
  • Imagine the city you want to live in – and that is a realistic option for you
  • Decide whether you won’t to dive right in (full time job) or just taste the water (traineeship)

Leave me a comment down below, if you find these tips helpful or if you have anything to add! Fingers crossed we all find a profession that sets our soul on fire because what is worse than to have a job that you absolutely hate? You know what sets my soul on fire? Click here (Don’t worry this link leads you to a blogpost of mine)

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Failed exam – how to deal with it like a boss

I wish I would have studied more. Damn NETFLIX! I should have spent more time in front of my books. I should have … STOP!
You might be right. And you could have done it differently. But you know what? You cannot go back and change it. It is done. Accepting that is hard, I know. But always going back in your mind just creates weird scenarios that will never happen anyways.

In my university we never get our results for written exams before the end of exam ’season‘. That doesn’t stop my brain from telling me that I for sure didn’t pass this exam. And since my brain is always really convincing and good at making my mood bad, I believe it. For the rest of the day I re-think the whole exam, what others had as a solution  etc. Sounds familiar?

There are two options for you after an exam: analyse what and how you’ve done it wrong. Or you just leave it at that and don’t think about it anymore. To get you and me out of this thinking and feeling bad, I created 4 tips on how to deal with it like a boss. They’ll help you re-focus and and start fresh again!


Chances are high that you barely did drink anything at all during the exam. Because you were so busy putting all of your genius thoughts on paper. You brain and body is screaming for hydration!
When I leave unik after an exam, I start getting a headache fast or I just feeling exhausted in general. And everything you’ll do afterards will be influenced by your de-hydration. So just rest for a moment, take a huge sip (of water or something similar) and keep your bottle with you for the rest of the day (just like everyday).

Distract yourself

This tip of course only works, if your time schedule allows it. That might not be the case, when you’re a busy #GirlBoss.

There are two different kinds of distraction: online and offline.
For those of you, who might have a little head ache or feel a little sluggish offline distraction is the best.

read a book or a magazine, go for a walk, meet with friends, listen to a podcast (semi-offline)

Recently I invested some time after an exam into reading a professional journal about the hospitality industry (my kind of industry). And guess what? It not only widened my knowledge about my industry or distracted me.  It also provided me with solme ideas for my bachelor thesis (yes, it is so close already!). Win Win.

reading a magazine

For those of you, who are in need for a ‚I don’t need to actively do something“- distraction, online distraction is awesome.

scroll through Instagram, check out Pinterest or Bloglovin, watch some YouTube

(psssst… want to know about my ‚must watch‘ tv series? Read here!)

One of my personal tips (which is only working if your schedule allows it) is doing absolutely nothing for the rest of the day that is related to studying. No uni books, no revision, no ‚whats apping‘ about the next exam …


It was predictable that I would mention this, right? I mean it is pretty obvious for me. If you have questions marks in your brain, read on my loves.

When I am working out, I totally zone out. Because I am focused on my body and the exercises I am about to do. But most of all, because I have to focus on what I am doing, otherwise I might hurt myself.
Exercise gets your heart pumping and your breath is intensifiying. The adrenaline is flowing through your veins. And well, you zone out. Okay, this was a really bad attempt trying to explain my thoughts. hahah.
I actually have to admit that the ‚zoning out‘ thing didn’t happen for me until I found a workout routine that I enjoy. So get you butt of the couch and try some stuff out! Maybe this post will help you stick to your new routine.

Deal with it like a freaking #GirlBoss

In general, just don’t get discouraged! You did your best and even if you have to re-do it, that is totally ok and human. You might dwell on it for a bit – that is fine – but make sure to get back up again. If you are in need for a pep talk – just message me!

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