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How to rock your job interview

We all have been there. We probably will go there again. The well feared job interview.

Below, I am going to share my 7 (yes, seven!) foolproof tips for you on how to r o c k that job interview and actually get your dream position. Without futher do, let’s head into the magic.

how to rock your Job Interview girlbossheaven


Prepare: how to get there, how long it takes you….

Nothing is worse than being late on the day of your interview. Which kind of a first impression is that going to leave? How would you feel, if you were waiting for a possible candidate and they would be soooo late. Right, you would think they are not reliable, responsible or well, punctual.

To avoid that, preparation is key. Depending on if I am going to take my car or the public transport I do the following steps.

  • Google how to get there and how long it would take me without any obstacles (for example: traffic jam or missing a bus/train)
  • Add another half an hour and take off at home even earlier. This half an hour works as a buffer in case something unexpected happens (for example you not finding the address right away)
  • Optional: if you have the time and freedom: Drive there beforehand just to see where it is. So on the day the interview takes place you already know exactly how to get there.

Show them: How they can benefit from you

Oh what a crucial step in rocking your interview. Make them see why they need YOU in their team. This is the time to show up and present yourself. See it as kind of marketing yourself to a new customer aka your future employer.

  • Why are you the right fit for their company?
  • How does your education contribute to your knowledge?
  • What practical experiences do you have that are helpful for the position?

Maybe you are applying for a job that is outside of your usual industry. Showing them why you are the most amazing fit for them is even more crucial here. Try to use your knowledge and experiences and transfer them to situations that could happen in your new industry.

Let me give you an example: Imagine I would like to apply for a PR job. Right now, I work in a hotel, which means I am really good at dealing with people, talking on the phone and I know what it means to work in a service-based industry. My experiences so far are probably going to help me in PR when dealing with clients, journalists, talking on the phone, presenting in front of a larger group of people or convincing people.

Once they see how much you can benefit to their company, they might not even care anymore about your “lack of experience” in that certain industry.

Gather all necessary information about your possible future employer

Wouldn’t you be impressed if someone who wants to work for you knows all the little details about your company and what it stands for? I would! It shows that you are not only interested in the offered position but also in the company itself. It is so important that an employee identifies with the vision and standards of a company, so that the applicant not only becomes a simple employee but also an ambassador of the brand that is the company (Want to know more about that topic? Who would be interested in a blogpost about human resource topics? Comment below!)

Gathering all necessary information also works in your favour when answering the questions from your interview partner. I am sure they will ask questions like:

  • Why are you a great fit for the company?
  • What made you apply for our company?
  • Why do you like our work?
  • How did you find us?

Dress for the job you want, not the job you have

Your clothes should at all times be

  • … neat and clean
  • … appropriate
  • … fitting your body type

Aside from that, my first advice is that you should be wearing something that suits the position that you are applying for. In the finance sector for example your look should probably be more strict and within a certain decent colour range. The dress code might be a little bit less strict when applying for a creative job.

Have a look at the company’s website and social media accounts where you can maybe have a look at pictures of employees or something similar so you can get a feeling what to wear.

Once you have found out what type of style is appropriate, find pieces out of that range that fit your personality and body type. This is important so you can feel confident and act convincing and authentic. Nobody wants to interview and hire someone who obviously doesn’t feel good and confident in their appearance.

Not only choose something that fits your body type but also fits your unique personality. I know clothes aren’t everything still they are a great way so show your personality.

how to rock your Job Interview girlbossheaven

Be unapologetically yourself

This tip might be my favourite. Yes, it is. Through personal experiences I can tell you that the everyday life at work can be so hard and unfulfilling when you have to hide away who you really are. Don’t hide your beautiful and stunning self because that is who you are and that is who they will get. They will get you and your personality. So why hide away? Sooner or later, they will see the real you. Sooner or later, you will not be able to nor want to hide away what makes you you.

Use your uniqueness.

Show them.

If they love you = AMAZING. That is a company that you would want to work for.

If they don’t = SCREW THEM. Enough said.

Don’t be afraid to be totally honest + Ask ALL the questions

Are you currently working in a company and every day you discover something new? But, not in a good way. Suddenly all the negative sides of that company and its people seem to appear. The things you thought would for sure be fine. And you didn’t bother to ask or you were too shy. This is the biggest mistake you can make. Never ever just assume something. Of course, the company wants to present itself in the best way possible. If you don’t ask the uncomfortable questions, then they won’t tell you about it. A job interview is the best opportunity for you to get real and raw. Ask all the uncomfortable questions so you won’t have to face unpleasing surprises once you start working there. Make them show you who they really are and what they stand for. Is there anything that is important for you? Working hours, benefits, vacation days, vision of the company, your workspace… ASK THAT QUESTION!

Life after university Girlbossheaven

Life after University – 5 tips on how to figure out what to do

Girl, with my after uni life approaching so quickly, I get all the feels! One day I get super excited and dream of my life after uni. And then there are days when the fear kicks in. It is like a roller coaster. I know it won’t stop until I finally get a clearer vision of what I’ll actually be doing as a job.

Right now, it is nothing more than talking about all the possibilities. At the beginning, solely talking about it is fine. It helps me a lot to get rid of unrealistic ideas and to get my thoughts in order. After a while though, talking is nothing more than…talking.  Let’s head into a few  that already have helped me to get a little bit further in my decision process (not particular order).

1. Open up a profile in a professional network

Like for example LinkedIn, (for my German followers) Xing , Campusjäger.

You have to show up and become visible to possible employers and head hunters so they can find you and know that you exist. No one will ever discover your talent and your knowledge, if you don’t show it to them. The best way to get discovered (and to discover) is to open up a profile in one of these professional networks. They are not like Facebook where you can upload any picture or add the cousin of your best friend’s childhood friend to your contact list. This is like your online business card. Add every possible work experience to your profile so companies become interested in you. Anyways, those networks are also working the other way round: you can find possible employers and easily find out what positions they have open right now. You do not have to apply to or follow these companies right away but you might discover a few unknown – never heard of before – companies.

Life after university Girlbossheaven

2. Read magazines or articles/listen to podcasts about your industry or the industry you want to work in

How are you supposed to know what industry or what job you see yourself in, if you do not have first-hand information about how the inside of a branch looks like? Often we do not know anybody who works in our desired industry, so we have to get our hands on information ourselves.  The best way to do so? Read specific magazines, listen to podcasts, read blogs, watch videos or the good old fashioned way: google it!


3. Talk to people in real life and online

Now, if you are lucky enough to have a family member or friend in your life that can help you with your decision, that is amazing. You’re lucky! Use that gift and squeeze every possible advice out of them. The same works online. You do not necessarily have to meet this person in real life, maybe just chat with them over Instagram or Whats App. It doesn’t matter, as long as you get active and start collecting information and advice actively.

4. Apply for jobs that interest you and see if it works out

What if I don’t get selected for the position? What if I am not experienced enough? Yes, what if? I guess you will never find out…. Oh no, wait. Of course you can get answers to all those questions … by simply applying for a position. Don’t put yourself in the positions where those “what ifs” are starting to haunt you. You should better take it from me when I tell you “Better an oooops, than a what if”. You don’t have to get all scared that you are not the perfect fit for a certain position. There are high chances that the still give you the job because you are a great fit for the company and the team. So leave the guess work aside and just try it.


5. Get a broad vision of what job you could see yourself in

Yes, I know. How are you supposed to get a vision of the job you see yourself in when your thoughts are all over the place? It is similar to every other life situation: just take the first step. The first step is always the hardest. At the beginning you – for sure – will not have a structured picture but it will develop over time. You may start by:

  • Writing down aspects that you value in a job
  • Making a list of jobs that are of interest for you
  • Writing down the names of leading companies in your industry or companies that seem like a good employer to you
  • Imagine the city you want to live in – and that is a realistic option for you
  • Decide whether you won’t to dive right in (full time job) or just taste the water (traineeship)

Leave me a comment down below, if you find these tips helpful or if you have anything to add! Fingers crossed we all find a profession that sets our soul on fire because what is worse than to have a job that you absolutely hate? You know what sets my soul on fire? Click here (Don’t worry this link leads you to a blogpost of mine)

Tee autumn vibes

Herbst To-do Liste

  1. Eine Tee Sammlung anlegen oder sie erweitern.
  2. Eine Herbst Playlist erstellen.
  3. Dekorieren und alles schön herbstlich gestalten. Dazu muss man gar nicht viel Geld ausgeben. Ganz wunderbar eignen sich Kastanien, getrocknete Blätter oder einfach nur schöne Zweige.
  4. Den Kleiderschrank Herbst-tauglich machen. Sommer Sachen raus. Und die ganzen kuschligen Pullis, Lederjacken, Schals nach vorne räumen, die Herbststiefel und Chelsea Boots vorbereiten.
  5. Wenn man schon am umräumen des Kleiderschrankes ist: gleich mal aussortieren. Sowohl Sommer als auch Herbst Sachen. Seid Ehrlich zu euch und sortiert das aus, was ihr nicht mehr anzieht und/oder was nicht mehr schön aussieht bzw. abgetragen ist.
  6. Eine Handvoll inspirierender Bücher für kalte Herbsttage kaufen und sie alle lesen. Das hier steht momentan ganz oben auf meiner Liste.
  7. Besonders toll an regnerischen Tagen: den Kamin anschmeißen
  8. Sich auf den Herbst und die Winterzeit einstimmen. Inspiration findet man überall. Schaut mal hier oder hier vorbei.
  9. Ein neues Kaffee ausprobieren und sich dort mit Freunden stundenlang unterhalten.
  10. Einen Wellness Urlaub machen. Psssst… in einer Woche erzähle ich euch alles über meinen anstehenden Wellness Urlaub. Haltet Ausschau auf meinem Blog und Instagram.
  11. Mehr Yoga machen. Wenn es kalt und früh dunkel draußen wird will man oft nicht raus zum Sport oder sich auch nur auf den Weg ins Gym machen. Yoga kann man ganz wunderbar daheim in den eignen vier Wänden machen. Und wer sich dem ganzen Thema schon mal unvoreingenommen gewidmet hat weiß, dass auch Yoga ein gutes Training für den Körper ist.

Was sind eure Lieblingbeschäftigungen im Herbst? Was steht auf eurer To-do Liste?

me at Largo di Garda

How to travel alone

“Just because I like being alone, doesn’t mean I’m lonely”
This is one of the quotes that is dear to my heart. When I first read it, it immediately spoke to me. It used to be my explanation to people, when I tried to tell them that I actually enjoy being alone. Now it has become more of a explanation to people, why travelling alone isn’t such a bad thing.

Of course, I also love to take trips with friends and family. It is lovely (most times at least). But there is some magic in travelling alone as well. Freedom. Time for yourself, with yourself. Experiencing things in a different way. Freedom of choice. No discussions. I could go on like this. Have you ever travelled alone? Tell me about it! When, where, your experiences.

If you have never travelled alone, then here are 4 tips on how to travel alone.

Largo di Garda

1. Find a reason – your reason – for doing it

The first time I ever travelled alone, was when I went to Cologne to see Ariana Grande live in concert at the Lanxess Arena. I was and still am a huge fan of hers and the concert and Cologne and Berlin were the only concerts of her in Germany. As a big fan it was clear from the start that I would do anything to see my idol. The problem was: nobody wanted to go there with me. I was stuck. I was looking for any possible solution to go there. I couldn’t find any until I thought of the (at that moment) impossible. Travelling alone. Bam. I added three more days to my trip, so I would also be able to see the city a little bit. Seeing my idol live in concert was my reason. So worth it

2. Choose a destination that you are comfortable with

When travelling alone it is normal to feel lonely and overwhelmed at times. Especially, if it is your first time travelling alone. It’ll help if you are interested in the city you’re visiting. If the city fascinates you. Or if you feel at home in this city. Maybe your former home town is worth a short city trip. And after that you can take on the bigger and unknown cities. Being somewhere you feel comfortable is going to help you deal with negative feelings and emotions.

3. Prepare like a boss

PREPARATION IS KEY, people! This one of my main mantras. Prepare everything that is possible to prepare. Book accommodation and transport. Google the exact way to your hotel and your favourite places and restaurants you want to visit. Look up any important information you might need for your trip … There will still be plenty of space for the unknown and your creativity. Preparing will help prevent you from small catastrophes that’ll make you go crazy and feel helpless in the unknown city.

4. Don’t be too hard on yourself

We all have been there. Beating ourselves up for failing – or almost failing – or something not going as planned. This is totally normal. But when being in a new situation, far away from home and feeling vulnerable, beating yourself up can only do harm. So if you end up in a situation like this, do your best and move on. Move on and enjoy the rest of your trip. After your return home, you still have enough time to evaluate the situation.


No explanation needed.

Largo di Garda

I hope this blogpost inspired you a little bit to travel alone. I encourage you to give it a try and see what happens. It’ll only make your more rich in experience. And you can never have enough of that.