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Weekly wisdom #2: Be unapologetically yourself

Every week* I will do a post called ‘weekly wisdom’. Here I’ll talk to you about one topic that stuck with for the whole week. And with my latest obsession of podcasts growing even more, I thought I needed to write down the things I’ve learned so far. So I can always have a look at them from time to time. What better way to do that than to share it with you at the same time?


*Still struggling with the consistency part here. I need to work on that….

Why do we have such a hard time being ourselves? Ourselves as in our most amazing beautiful self. Your personality and your soul make you who you are. You being you is what makes you special. So now let me ask you again: Why do we still struggle to show our true self?

This is what this weeks wisdom is about: Hiding away who you really are, when being unaplogetically yourself should be your option of choice.

Do you remember the last time you were meeting your best friend?

Maybe you are smiling right now because are thinking about how you were having so much fun. You felt so amazing in your own skin… because you felt accepted. You felt like home. You felt loved. You were able to be your true self.

Now remember the last time you met someone new. How did you feel and how did you act because of that?

If your answer is: I felt awesome and acted like always and showed my true self … than this blogpost might not be what you are looking for.

weekly wisdom girlbossheaven be unapologetically yourself

When meeting someone new, we often tend to only showing “our” best features. Features that are often not part of whom we actually are. We hold back and stay quiet. We have this picture in our head of how we are supposed to act in order to be liked by this new person. We talk about things we are not interested in just because they like it. We simply hide our best features.

What are your best features? What do you absolutely adore about yourself?

Here are a few things I absolutely adore about myself:

  • My compassion: It doesn’t matter if I have ever been in a similar situation like my friends, I always know how they must be feeling. How I would be feeling if I were in their shoes. That is why the always come to me for advice.


  • My craziness: I guess everybody thinks of themselves as some kind of crazy. Get to know me and I’ll show you my kind of crazy.


  • My way of motivating myself and others: Countless times I have been told how good I am at motivating, whether it was my colleague at work who was avoiding an unpopular task, or my friend who was putting of working out for a long time.


  • My willpower: Well, if I have set my sight on a specific goal that I want to reach – even though it might take me years – I’ll definitely reach it. End of story.


  • My way of directly asking for what I want/Saying what I think: My friend once told me that she thinks it is absolutely amazing that I just go for it and ask the questions I desperately want an answer to. What I also like about myself – and it goes hand in hand with directly asking for answers – is my way of saying what I think. Besides a little sensitiveness, I always say what I think.

Now that you have read what I like about myself, don’t you think that I must be unapologetically myself when meeting new people?

Well….sometimes. Not often enough.

This has to change! Not being unapologetically yourself is not acceptable.

Look at all the benefits of being your true self at all times:

  • You always feel confident and good in your own skin because you are not wearing a heavy and uncomfortable mask


  • People love you for who you are because they only know your true self and not a polished, shiny and kind of fake version of you. This will save you from unnecessary disappointments.


  • #YourVibeAttractsYourTribe, there is a special magic surrounding you when you are unapologetically yourself. This magic attracts the people you need in your life. The ones who enrich your life on a daily basis.


  • You will find your path. And you will only find your path if you are in peace with yourself and show that.


  • You life will be so much more chilled because you will always have your own back. Because you like yourself. Because you are in a good relationship with yourself. Diane von Fürstenberg once said: The most important relationship you have in your life, is the one with yourself.

My loves, I want to open your eyes to all the positivity being yourself brings with it. I want you to start showing the world how awesome you are. The world needs more people who are unapologetically themselves. Don’t try to inspire everybody around you to do the same (I mean do it! That is awesome!… but) start with you.! The first step to change is within you.

Do not waste your life away trying to be sombody else just to fit in, be liked by certain people, get a certain job…. Life is too precious.



favourite podcasts girlbossheaven

3 Podcasts you MUST listen to

In today’s blogpost I am revealing three of my absolute favourite podcasts to you so you can benefit from them too. I listen to these three all the time, whether it is during my drive to work or when I am doing some boring house work. Just recently, I discovered my love for those little treasures, thanks to the lovely Kati (go check out her blog, she is a total GirlBoss).
Of course not every podcaster is for you, they might be talking about the right topics but the person behind it is just not your person. Make sure to check all of those podcasts out and let me know in the comments below, which one is your personal favourite. If you are more into reading books make sure to check out these two blogposts: here and here.

Keep on reading to discover three must-listen to podcasts

1. The Goal Digger Podcast

Jenna is an absolute genius and such an inspiration.  She is teaching me more in just a short amount of time than any of my teachers has during all 12 school years. With her talent for vivid speaking and getting right to the point, she is a must-listen for every person out there who wants to become a pro in the following subjects:

Marketing, Social Media, Creative Entrepreneurship, Small Business Strategy and Branding

The stories of all of her guests and are so inspiring and motivating. And it doesn’t matter if Jenna has a guest on her episodes or not because her own personal story is freaking inspiring too!

Hello, buying a 300 $ camera from Craigslist and somehow turning it all into a 7 figure business?

If I were you I would start listening to this podcast. Whenever I feel overwhelmed and stuck with all the things happening in my life right now (hello after uni life. Nice to meet you!) or paralyzed by all the things and projects I still want to achieve, Jenna’s podcasts is the perfect source for new motivation and a kick in the butt, when you are standing in your own way…once again.

2. The Influencer Podcast

The influencer podcast julie solomon

Julie is one of the three women I am mostly inspired by in the last few weeks and I am so glad I found her podcast. She is not only co-owner of OMG! Publicity, but also a New York Times best-selling publicist. In her career she has gained so much in-depth experiences and I am thankful for her sharing it with us. The podcast covers the following topics:

Marketing, Influence, Blogging, Entrepreneur, Branding, Business, Social Media, Growth

This podcast it for you, if you want to listen to first-hand advice from a woman who has achieved so much in her life and knows exactly what she is talking about pitching yourself and your business to the world.

3. She Means Business Podcast

She means Business podcast Carrie Green

Carrie is the author of the book She Means Business and Founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association. There are many people out there who have inspiring stories and Carrie is on the very top of my “most inspiring people”-list. She started her first small business which was all about mobile phone unlocking. Can you believe it? She started small, bought a domain and created a Google Adwords account. Her stories shows me that you don’t have to have it all figured out in the beginning. Just start somewhere. It is a process, a slow one, and with every step you’ll learn more and more, which may be of use later on in your life. The She Means Business podcast is an amazing source

to find inspiration to get started, turn your dreams into a reality and create a wildly successful business.

avourite podcasts girlbossheaven

All of these podcasts have in common that woman, who started from a scratch, created them. They did not have a rich background or a famous sponsor. They did it all on their own. They were fierce and brace enough to just jump into cold water. Their personal success story and the stories of their guests show my every time that we can do it too. We just have to … do it. I am bursting of motivation after listening to those three ladies. I hope you feel the same way after listening to them.