Motivation and mindset .... go hand in hand

You know those phases when your motivation is literally on top?!

You feel like you could reach any of your goals?!

You finally take actio and start working towards those goals right away?!

Oh wait…what?

Nope. You are not one of those people. And you know it.

Mindset barriers and a lack of action taking are a part of your daily routine?


Just like all the other women out there, you have fierce ambitions and big goals. You are absolutely sure that you will reach all of your goals in life and finally start living the life you have been dreaming about.


Right now, the difference between you and those action taking badasses is:


You only talk about how you will do all of this.


You only daydream about how you will soon be taking action.


No actual movement towards your goals.


Been there. Done that....

girlbossheaven personal development female entrepreneurs motivation mindset coach

I have been in your shoes.

Wanting to change something. Wanting to reach my goals. Wanting to live my dream live.

I got so angry at myself for literally just talking about my dream live. Talking about how bad I wanted things to change.

I constantly asked myself:


How will I get out of my old habits and routines?


How will I go from talking to action taking?





There is nothing more powerful than your mind. 

And that’s why it is so hard to change it.

Don’t worry, though! It is by far not as hard as you might think it is. And… just between us, it is so damn worth it.

Good news is, you can train your mind. You can literally train it like you normally train other parts of your body (like for ex. your legs or abs).

Imagine you want to have abs. Training them once, twice, or even 10 times won’t make them appear. It takes consistent effort, hard work, the right (for you) tools and the perfect attitude.

You have to train your mind like your train your muscles. You can strengthen different connections in your brain that will make you behave and act differently. 


And once you realise that your mind is all you need to overcome those mindset barriers and maintain you motivation on a high level, your life will change. For the better.

Finally, you will be able to let go of those routines that no longer serve you and your goals!



Finally, you will be able to create habits that will lead you straight to your goals!



Finally, you will reach your goals faster than you have imagined!



Finally, you will be taking action!


Are you ready?

Ready to change your life?

If you have read this page until the end, you are probably still hiding behind your mindset barriers.

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girlbossheaven personal development female entrepreneurs motivation mindset coach