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Weekly wisdom #1: The truth about dreaming big

Every week I will do a post called ‚weekly wisdom‘. Here I’ll talk to you about one topic that stuck with for the whole week. And with my latest obsession of podcasts growing even more, I thought I needed to write down the things I’ve learned so far. So I can always have a look at them from time to time. What better way to do that than to share it with you at the same time?

Dreams. Dreams about starting your own business. Dreams about moving out. Dreams about studying something else. Dreams about becoming famous. It doesn’t matter. Dreaming big and actually doing everything possible to soon live those dreams is … so scary. This kind of scary that makes you want to go back to your comfort zone and pretend that you’re totally fine with your life the way it is right now. Because it isn’t that scary.

But, like… why? Why are those heartfelt dreams scaring the hell out of us? Making us settle for a less fulfilling, but more comfortable life? Btw. a less fulfilling life is not always more comfortable, don’t you think?  It is a mystery. I mean, dreaming big is working as a motivator to make them a reality so you can live a happy life. And still, it scares the hell out of us.


1. Just the fact that you want something, is a good-enough reason to do it + don’t wait for permission to do it

Out of my own experiences I can tell you that hearing other people’s opinions on your own dreams can work like a wrecking ball (did you just imagine Miley Cyrus, like I did? Hahah). We are all different and every one of us is unique. There is no other you … and that is your super power! Cliché but so true. Logically, our dreams and reasons to go after them are unique, too. That is the most amazing thing.

I made the mistake to expect others to understand my reasons. Most of the times they didn’t and that is okay. What is not okay is letting you stop that from pursuing them. If your heart is jumping faster when you think of your dreams... that is reason enough to go for it. I know, having the permission of someone – like your parents, your friends and your partner – is a great support and making the uncomfortable path to pursuing your dreams easier. Relationships might get twisted and change because those loved ones just don’t get why you’re doing something and that is okay. Because: the most important relationship you have in your life is the one with yourself.


You want something? Just do it. Trust your gut.


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2. Regret is an eternal question you are never going to get the answer to

One of my favourite quotes of all time says: Regret is what we should fear most. And this is so true. Rejections is an answer. Failure is an answer. But regret will be an eternal “what if” that is going to haunt you for the rest of your life. I am not kidding here.

A few years ago, I met someone and out of fear I was holding back all the feelings I had for this person. And two years later, I still think of this person and wonder what could have been if I wouldn’t have been so scared. All those ‘what ifs’ are daunting. This is an example of my private life but it can be applied to every situation in your life.

Don’t let that happen to you. Try to develop a mentality that includes the mantra ‘Better an ops, than a what if’ and live after it. If you apply this on a daily basis you’ll be surprised how life gets so much more enjoyable.


Don’t let your doubts and fear stop you, do it anyways.


3. You don’t have to live your life the way others excpect you to

Your parents, your friends and society. What do they all have in common? They have expectations on how they think your life should look like. Especially our friends and family only want the best for us and they have a certain perception of what “the best” looks like. You know, sometimes their version of “the best” isn’t what you want in life. And that is OKAY!

Still, even if we know that it is okay to live up to our own expectations we feel bad. Bad because we disappointed them. Bad because they only meant to do well and we didn’t take their advice. It is hard to shake that feeling of remorse off. It takes time and practice. And communication. Talk to your loved ones and tell them about your expectations and what you want in life. Show them how happy it makes you.


Live up to your own expactations. Because this is YOUR life. Live it like you want to.


pring new york city empire state building GirlBossHeaven

Monthly recap december GirlBossHeaven

Monthly Recap – December 2017

My month. A flashback on everything that has happened.

Should I do it or not? Should I write a complete review on 2017 or just go with my monthly flashbacks? I have to admit I love those posts that are reflecting on the whole year. Most of the times I don’t even know the blogger in person but somehow their stories inspire and motivate me. I mean, I do write my own stories in life but who doesn’t get inspired by others sometimes?
After going back and forth, I decided to do a monthly flashback. In 2017 I have made a lot of experiences, most of them are safe and sound in my memory … others not so much. That is why I want to capture and memorize everything that is going to happen in 2018. Whether it is on with my phone, with my camera, in my planner… It doesn’t matter. But: it is also about balance. More ‚being‘ instead of just rushing through everything. Capturing moments but at the same time being more present and just enjoying the moment. One of my goals for 2018 is just that: being more present and finding a balance. I am going to be talking more about my goals for 2018 in another post.

Pinned: some of those I found on Pinterest, others crossed my path on Instagram. Those quotes resonated most with me this past month.

quotes december 2017

Hustled:  again and again it is all about my bachelor thesis… and my research project, which is a part of my bachelor thesis but will be handed in separately. At the end of December I also went back at work at the hotel after my bachelor thesis break. To my surprise the holidays madness wasn’t as bad as I imagined it. And the few critical situations that came up, we all managed to survive. For New Years Eve and the 1st of January I have my days off but won’t be doing anything fancy. What are your plans for today?

Done and accomplished: my bachelor thesis. I handed it in on the 19th of December. I am really proud of myself on how good I have handled my time management and I actually like what I wrote. You can read some of my tips on how to write a bachelor thesis here. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that the grade reflects my good feeling. I won’t be getting the grade within the next few weeks though.
Another thing that I wanted to accomplish this month was not going crazy on the Christmas cookie front but also enjoy them at the same time. Balance. I think I did a pretty good job on that. I worked out so hard the past months so I didn’t wanted to ruin my progress.

This is me an hour before handing in my bachelor thesis. Happy and proud ASF

me happy Bachelorthesis GirlBossHeaven

Thoughts:  nothing changed compared to last month when I thought way to much about … everything. I guess that is my “thing”. I have been doing this overthinking for all of my life as far as I can remember.  So what did I actually think about? My future in general … not the things that I cannot really influence like people I will meet or stuff like that. Wait … writing this makes me realise that there is almost nothing I can actually really influence  … even though I like to make myself believe that. Hahah. Anyways, I thought a lot about my next steps career wise and new home town wise. Those two go together as they influence each other.

Loved: the snow. And how it makes everything look calm and beautiful. Sunsets and the sky. Because no painting is ever more beautiful than a sunset. More snow pictures here. You like sunsets? Click here.

Lake sunset GirlBossHeaven Winter wonderland

Watched:  A lot of YouTube. I literally binge watched the videos of Sarah and my all time favourite Ashley. When I watch something on Netflix I try to stick to one TV series at once, otherwise I get confused. So “The Originals” it was. Which videos or series did you watch?

Listened:  most oft the time I listened to my latest obsessions of November. Meaning Noah Cyrus. But I have a few new additions

All Falls Down by Alan Walker / Feat. Noah Cyrus & Digital Farm Animals

I Miss You by Clean Bandit / Feat. Julia Michaels

Under Your Skin by Seeb x R. City

Feel Good by Felix Jaehn x Mike Williams

Let You Down by NF

Stargazing by KYGO x Justin Jesso

Fave Songs December 2017

Dear to my heart: I could have just added this text to the other quotes above. It resonated with me as well but on whole other level. It puts this feeling I had inside of me into words like I never was able to. I live and breathe those words. I can live with rejection and I can live with hurt. Regret though is something I cannot live with. Regret and  ‘what ifs’ haunt me and steal my happiness.

Quotes about regret