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Secret project REVEALED !!!!

Long story short. The LifeByHer team was looking for contributing writers in different categories for their new media site … and I gave it a shot and applied for it. As you already know, I rather try something and fail, instead of having to regret not trying for the rest of my life. And now here we are. Can you believe it? I was chosen to be one of their new contributing writers! You will find my posts in the category ‘recipes’. Yeah, I know. Who would have ever thought that I’d become a part of such an amazing project ?! And more importantly of such an amazing community. LifeByHer girls, if you are reading this, leave me a comment down below.

What is

LifebyHer is two things:

  • a digital magazine sent to you every month. There you’ll find inspiration for everything a GirlBoss needs inspiration for … including fashion, fitness & health, hair care & styles, interior … and a little bit of everything. Just have a look here.
  • a brand new media site that you will be obsessed of! It is a source of inspiration that you have been dreaming off. That is where you’ll find my posts as well once it is up and running.

… and even more. It is a community, a friendship and a lifestyle.

Ashley Brooke LifeByHer Boss

The main mastermind behind all of this is Ashley. Just have a look at her YouTube Channel and her Instagram and you’ll fall in love with her immediately. With more than 83 000 followers on Instagram and more than 287 000 followers on YouTube she inspires a lot of people around the world. Together with the LifeByHer Team,  she creates all the content for LifeByHer and her YouTube Videos. The real BossBabe she is, Ashley also runs the blog What an inspiration!

I have the honour to call myself a member of the LifeByHer team since December 2017, when I got the confirmation that I was chosen out of many other applicants (still feels sooooo unreal to say this!).

Now that the secret is finally out, did you see it coming? What did you think my secret was? Let me know in the comments below.

That is exactly what I have been talking about in past blogposts (here, here and here), when I was talking about going after your dreams and rather trying things out, instead of always holding back and wondering ‘what if’. What if you fail? Yep, that is a possibility. But what if you succeed, darling? What if all of your plans and dreams become your reality? The possibility to have all of this come true is so damn worth the try!Dream big who said you can't have it all quote GirlBossHeaven

I am so proud of myself to give all of this a shot and I still can’t believe that it actually worked out. YAY! I’d love to see you check out once the site is up and running! I’ll keep you updated and let your know when it goes live!

Lots of Love,
from a really happy Franziska


What I treated myself to recently

Saving money is one of my top priorities right now… like literally my only priority right now. Last week, I drove 70 kilometers to Uni for nothing (that is a whole other story) and I got so mad at myself for spending all that fuel for well…nothing. Now I have to hold back even more in other parts of my life like even less eating out with friends (which I rarely did these last weeks) or treating myself to a coffee at my fave café. I have two main goals for which I am saving money right now and seriously, they motivate me like crazy to put a lot of money aside on my savings account (Have you seen my blogpost about saving money? Click here). Still, the way I reacted when I drove to Uni for nothing was a little too ambitious. So, I took a moment to myself and thought about two things I really wanted to treat myself to after working so hard on my bachelor thesis (Part 1 and part 2) and hustling at work. I tried to remember things that I really wanted to have and that would somehow benefit to my life and still were affordable. I’ll show you what I got.

Weekly planner must have

Time management

Every year I am little bit late when it comes to buying myself a planner. And when I do start the search for my perfect planner, I get discouraged easily because they all don’t meet my own personal “planner standards”. Ya know? One day I stumbled across the weekly planner (table planner) from Consider Cologne (Leonie and Lena are one of my favourite german YouTubers) and BAM I was in love. This planner is perfect. Now I don’t even need a pocket planner anymore…at least that’s what I tell myself. We will see.  Right now I am working with this baby and my time management is slowly getting better again. This was a really good investment for only 15 Euros, which will definitely enhance my daily routine.


A pinch of green on your desk Girl Boss Heaven

Next up is this little buddy. Honestly, I do not have a single clue what the name of this cute little plant is. I saw it at this adorable little flower shop, when I picked up some flowers for work….and it is Instagram worthy! Right now it is getting used to its new home, my desk. A pop of colour that is kind of brightning up my room. Yes, you guessed it. This is not an investment that is enhancing my daily life. It just makes me happy. Plants make me happy. And it only was 8 Euros with this metal pot.

A pinch of green on your desk

Overall, I have been really good with living up to my own money saving tips (click). From time to time I have to remind myself that I am only human and that I need some (tiny) motivation, when times get rough. Let me know in the comments below, how you are handling spending money while at the same time trying to save some. And by the way: how you like my new blogpost style? I have been experimenting with some colours and a different type of presenting my pictures. There are so many blogger out there, who inspire me with their way of edeting and I never knew how they did it.

Hope to hear from you soon!


P.S In the next few days I will REVEAL MY SECRET PROJECT!

Bio Végane Skinfood review GirlBossHeaven

OH BABY. I like it pure! Bio Végane Skinfood – Skincare Review

*not sponsored. Just sharing my experiences with you


What are the first thoughts that come up to you when hearing this word?
When it comes to skincare I did not have many options to chose from – hello, acne prone skin – so I went with what my dermatologist prescribed me. As I grew older, I became more interested in what I put in my body and what I apply on the outside as well. It just hit me one day, when I read the ingredient list on one of my moisturizers. All those weird ingredients I didn’t know and no sign of being cruelty free. Suddenly I felt the urge to throw those almost full products (I just had re-bought them. #error) in the garbage and not put it back on my skin again. I just didn’t feel right anymore. I began my research for new cruelty free skincare and I remember that I once saw this vegan brand on Instagram.

Bio Végane Skinfood skincare review handwriting

not tested on animals logoNot tested on animals aka Cruelty free (click)nature certified logo NATURE-Logo certified (click)vegan society logoRegistered at the Vegan Society® (click)made in germany logo100% Made in Germany (click)

Bio Végane Skinfood skincare review GirlBossHeavenThey offer those packages, which include smaller sizes of different products so you can try them out first. Of course, they offer different product lines for different skin types. I chose the one for mixed skin and the one for demanding skin.
When my order arrived, I was really surprised what other stuff I found inside the box: pretty postcards and two small sizes of their serum as a gift. YAY for surprises.Bio Végane Skinfood skincare review GirlBossHeaven Bio Végane Skinfood skincare review GirlBossHeaven Bio Végane Skinfood skincare review GirlBossHeaven Bio Végane Skinfood skincare review GirlBossHeaven

How does my skin feel now?

Well, I know that my acne and sometimes shiny skin won’t go away no matter which product I use. Only my nutrition and genes have total control over that. Still I can support my skin with the products I put on it. After trying the Bio Végane products I found my perfect support system. I love the smell, the texture and the effects.


One more thing….

I feel like the topic of cruelty and vegan skincare products is not getting enough attention. As well as the role nutrition plays in the topic of skincare. Personally, I still have to learn a lot about that, too. 2018 is going to be the year of educating myself more on topics like this with a special focus on nutrition. Here (click) you can find my plans for this year. It is not easy to find the perfect and at the same time vegan skincare. You can expand this topic to the area of shower essentials, soaps, clothes, shoes etc. Personally, I only use vegan skincare, shower gel and hand soap. I still wear leather boots and I have a coat with fur on it. From today’s point of view, I would never buy such a coat again, but throwing it away now wouldn’t make it any better. I don’t think that it is realistic to start using/wearing all vegan and environment friendly products from one second to the other. It takes a lot of courage, research and in terms of clothes also money to find the perfect alternatives. Taking small steps every day is a good way to start. Always keep in mind what effects your choices have on the world we live in.

Me smiling vintage jacket München Munich GirlBossHeaven

2018 – Let’s do this

Recently I uploaded my monthly recap of December. Two days later, I am already working on a new blogpost. Who am I?
Let’s talk about goals for 2018. There are different types of goals. All of them can be roughly characterized as tangible or intangible. Which ones to go for is of course totally up to you. Personally, I always try to go with the intangible ones. Things that make my soul happy in the long term and not only for a few days. I don’t want to lie to you by saying that I do not have tangible things I look forward to (hello new phone) but those are not things I put on my ‘Goals for 2018’ list. They are not something I strive and breathe for. They do not make me a better person. Even more important is that they do not define me as a person. But those intangible ones do.

2018 GirlBossHeaven

What are those intangible ones I am talking about? Here are a few of my goals for 2018. By goals I actually mean plans … a goal without a plan is getting you nowhere.

  • Listen to my body. Treating and feeding it the way it needs to be treated and fed. I used to believe that I just have to live with the way my body looks or reacts to certain things. Yes, most of the time, I have to accept that. Yes, I’m fine with that. Yes, I learned to love and accept my body … But there are still a few things that I can influence to make me feel more confident with my body. Currently I am still researching a lot about this topic. What are your health hacks for 2018?
  • Less overthinking and stressing. I could literally write a whole book about that topic. Every day I tell myself to relax and not let everything get to me. I fail. Pretty much 90% of the time. Often I let small, unimportant situations make me upset. I don’t like me that way. So I’ll work on this issue. Step by step. This going to be a challenge. I remember that someone wrote about me in our high school yearbook that one day I’ll die of my ‘self-made’ stress. Hahah. Do see the challenge behind this now?
  • Be even more confident. Last year, there were encounters with people, who totally got the wrong impression of me because somehow I still was not confident enough to be myself. Which is somehow also funny at the same time because I am actually really confident. Just not around certain people.
  • Just let it be and stop chasing people. Another one of my specialities I talked about in this blogpost once. I used to believe that it is normal to run after people to make them see how much they actually like me. Yep. That’s what I used to believe. Embarrassing right?

Lets get started GirlBossHeaven

My list of plans for 2018 should not get to long, especially because those plans mentioned above are big ones. They cannot be realised within a few days. I am curious now: tell me about your plans for 2018! Do you have similar ones? Are you going more for the intangible or tangible ones?


2018 is lit GirlBossHeaven