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Secret project REVEALED !!!!

Long story short. The LifeByHer team was looking for contributing writers in different categories for their new media site … and I gave it a shot and applied for it. As you already know, I rather try something and fail, instead of having to regret not trying for the rest of my life. And now here we are. Can you believe it? I was chosen to be one of their new contributing writers! You will find my posts in the category ‘recipes’. Yeah, I know. Who would have ever thought that I’d become a part of such an amazing project ?! And more importantly of such an amazing community. LifeByHer girls, if you are reading this, leave me a comment down below.

What is

LifebyHer is two things:

  • a digital magazine sent to you every month. There you’ll find inspiration for everything a GirlBoss needs inspiration for … including fashion, fitness & health, hair care & styles, interior … and a little bit of everything. Just have a look here.
  • a brand new media site that you will be obsessed of! It is a source of inspiration that you have been dreaming off. That is where you’ll find my posts as well once it is up and running.

… and even more. It is a community, a friendship and a lifestyle.

Ashley Brooke LifeByHer Boss

The main mastermind behind all of this is Ashley. Just have a look at her YouTube Channel and her Instagram and you’ll fall in love with her immediately. With more than 83 000 followers on Instagram and more than 287 000 followers on YouTube she inspires a lot of people around the world. Together with the LifeByHer Team,  she creates all the content for LifeByHer and her YouTube Videos. The real BossBabe she is, Ashley also runs the blog What an inspiration!

I have the honour to call myself a member of the LifeByHer team since December 2017, when I got the confirmation that I was chosen out of many other applicants (still feels sooooo unreal to say this!).

Now that the secret is finally out, did you see it coming? What did you think my secret was? Let me know in the comments below.

That is exactly what I have been talking about in past blogposts (here, here and here), when I was talking about going after your dreams and rather trying things out, instead of always holding back and wondering ‘what if’. What if you fail? Yep, that is a possibility. But what if you succeed, darling? What if all of your plans and dreams become your reality? The possibility to have all of this come true is so damn worth the try!Dream big who said you can't have it all quote GirlBossHeaven

I am so proud of myself to give all of this a shot and I still can’t believe that it actually worked out. YAY! I’d love to see you check out once the site is up and running! I’ll keep you updated and let your know when it goes live!

Lots of Love,
from a really happy Franziska


Winter wonderland

New beginnings + Update secret project

I tried to take pictures that would match the topic, but sadly I didn’t have enough inspiration to get more than a few shots of the (now gone) snowy landscape in my area. Anyways, this topic is something I cannot stress enough and that I am passionate about. Let’s start….

Winter wonderland dreams

Buying a new planner, writing down goals for the next year, booking a holiday … You are getting excited for the upcoming year and new chances to make 2018 the best year of your life yet. I get it, there is something so magical about the new year.  You feel like you can close the last chapter of the year 2017 for good and start fresh and with a clean slate. All those projects that you wanted to start in 2017 but didn’t, now you feel like you have the opportunity and willpower to give it another shot. That is great! I hope you succeed in whatever project your have set your focus on. Let me ask you one question though.

Why do you wait until the next year to start your project and fulfil your dreams?

Unless you can literally only start your project next year (new job, new apartment, moving to a new city…) there is no reason to wait for the clock on New Year’s Eve to turn to midnight to get started.
I believe that we let so many opportunities pass us by just becausewe didn’t have the courage to get started right away. Something is holding us back or scaring us so much that we just put it off until the next year.

Let me ask you another question.

How can you put off your dreams, goals and projects? How can you put them on the waitlist?
If they are dear to your heart then you just don’t put them off so easily. So why do you still do it?

Remember my blogpost when I talked about a super cliché quote? Read more here. I know the following is not a real quote, but I’ll put it here anyway.  Sounds super cliché too?

Quote dreams

Take a quite moment and read it. Think about it.

Waiting for Friday to enjoy the week?
Waiting for summer to finally start working out?
Waiting all life for the right moment to actually live?

Your answer to all of these questions is no? Then why do you wait for the new year to fulfil your dreams?

Ok, I think you get what I want to say here. Now do yourself and me a favour and!
Last year around this time, I made myself the promise not to wait for some magical day, event … to just do it. Just do the things I want to do. Just to do the things I was scared to do before. Just do those things and not let anything or anyone hold me back. And guess what? This promise made 2017 a really amazing year, which makes me excited for more!
Follow me and do the same! Make 2018 your best year yet! … and start today, on the 23rd of December 2017.

Tell me about your dreams and goals in the comments below.

Winter wonderland dreams

I hope that I can post one more blogpost before the new year. I am back at work since Friday and it takes up all of my energy. Thinking about 2018 I get really excited. Like reaaaaaaallly excited. I have so much more to say and share with you. But for now….

Stay safe and be happy. Enjoy the holidays. Be yourself and do your thing.


Am I annoying you yet? Forgive me. You can relax now and enjoy the rest of December. The news will not be revealed before January. But that’s ok. I am still so stocked that this is happening. Some roads might be messy but somehow they let you end up where you are supposed to be.

Winter wonderland dreams

me leather jacket

Secret project? + Why dreams don’t work unless you do!

Mal wieder bin ich etwas am ausprobieren und überlege meine Posts wieder in Englisch zu schreiben. Das hängt auch etwas mit dem neuen Projekt zusammen, von dem ich hier (hoffentlich) bald berichten kann. Fingers crossed

A few days ago, I made an Insta Story (in German) about how excited I am to be a part of this (still so) secret project. (click here to get to my account). Once I am allowed to reveal the big project, you will totally be able to draw the connection to the blogpost I am about to write. I am so excited to share this with you and I hope you find it as exciting as I do!
Even though you don’t know much about this project right now, I believe that this post will be helpful for everybody who wants to rock 2018! … (and not get stuck in 2017. Lest hier, warum ich noch manchmal im Jahr 2016 feststecke)

In today’s blogpost I will be talking about how you always have to keep working for your dreams so you can make them a reality rather sooner than later.

I know, I know, I know. Dreams don’t work unless you do is one of these quotes that you read basically everywhere. Everyone is using it. Maybe you have read it so often that you have already gotten sick of it. Personally, I have found myself in the situation of not being able to make at least one of my dreams become a reality for the longest time. I worked really hard for those dreams. But nah. My life, faith or wathever was just working against it. I felt defeated, discouraged and actually really sad. Everyone seemed to be making one dream after another become a reality. And then there was me. You know that feeling, when you start feeling like a failure? That is how I felt. Those quotes are lies! They are not true! …. that is what I thought.

Now look at me. I am one of those people telling you about how those quotes are actually true asf. The moment I became the confirmation for this secret project everything started to make sense. All the dreams that didn’t come true before, now I know why!

Attention: quotes.

Quotes about dreams

I totally get it. Understanding why certain dreams don’t happen in reality is hard – especially if you have put your heart and soul into it. We don’t understand it, because in that moment we tend to only see what didn’t happen. We only see one small puzzle piece of the big puzzle that is called our life. If we were able to widen our gaze and see the bigger picture, we wouldn’t dwell on that one puzzle piece not fitting into our puzzle. We wouldn’t mind that one dream not coming true. That doesn’t mean that your dreams weren’t big enough, that you didn’t work hard enough or that it just was a really unrealistic dream. No! It simple means that this wouldn’t have led you to where you are supposed to be going in life. This dream was just leading you nowhere.
I have to admit: I hate when people tell me that. Especially when I am still kind of licking my wounds and being sad about saying goodbye to a heartfelt dream. But damn, it is so f* true

Long story short: No matter how often you fail. No matter how discourage you feel. Keep on working for your dreams. If one dream fails, take on the next dream of yours. Develop new dreams. Just because one dream didn’t become a reality doesn’t mean the others won’t as well. But if you stop working for your dreams because of one failure, you will totally regret it later on in your life.

Look at me: if I would’ve given up after my failed dreams, I wouldn’t be talking to you about this secret project.

Always keep in mind:

Dreams actually don’t work unless you do.
Maybe it is the wrong dream you’re working on right now. You just don’t know it yet.  That is ok. Life will tell you at some point and redirect you.
You probably won’t understand it right away and hate the fact that your dream will never become a reality.
Try to see it as a way of life giving you a better direction and a new perspective.
And most importantly: don’t give up working for your other dreams or new dreams. Because: dreams don’t work unless you do! At some point they will become a reality.