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Personal Development is my thing.

Let me tell you a little story about me.
If you would meet me today, you would not believe that I was a completely different person just a few years ago. Over the last few years I change from the quiet, ‘the glass is half empty’, insecure person to a more confident, outgoing and positive person.
Step by step, I started to see the opportunities the world has to offer for me, if I only put in the work and hustle. Life is so much more fun now! I grew a certain confidence that helps me accept the things I cannot control but change the things I cannot accept. Personal development became a priority in my life.


At some point I just knew that I needed to become the boss of my own life in order to live a happy, fulfilled and self-determined life.


There were a whole bunch of people out there, who helped me make this shift and I am so thankful for them…friends and family but also a few bloggers, who were brave enough to share their personal story and experiences with the world.


I want to help and motivate others, too! My path and the tips & tricks I learned along the way have to be shared. was created for just this purpose.


This blog will grow with me and I’ll grow with the blog. I believe in learning by doing and going for your dreams. This blog here is me following one of those dreams.

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