Stand for something – My 4 core values

If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything.

There is so much truth behind this quote. Life can get confusing sometimes, we get distracted easily, we loose our path…sometimes we even loose a part of ourselves. How do we bounce back from moments like this? How do we get back on the right track after we have been fallen of the wagon?

Everyone deals with this in a different way.

We remind ourselves of what is important to us and what our core values in life are. What do we stand for?

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Core values? Isn’t that something businesses put out there? True, a core values is defined as …

A principle that guides an organization’s internal conduct as well as its relationship with the external world. Core values are usually summarized in the mission statement or in a statement of core values.


Nevertheless, you can create core values of your own. For your own personal and private life. Putting together your own personal set of values can be a life changer.

Print them out. Write them on post-its and pin them to your mirror or fridge. Make sure you get to see them in some kind of way every once in a while.

Those core values will be your savior when life gets tough again. They will keep you on track when you feel like loosing your grip on life. I wrote my 4 core values in a little notebook that I use as a place to collect random thoughts.

To inspire you to do the same, I am going to share those 4 beliefs with you today!

Value #1: You deserve to live your best life!

Living your dreams on a day-to-day basis is not a privilege limited to only a handful of people. You have every right to make every single one of your dreams a reality. Believe that you are worthy of loving your life and living it exactly the way you want to.


Value #2: Strive for growth!

Personal growth, growth of income, growth of your community, growth in the number of friends you have… it doesn’t matter what kind of growth you are aiming for. Growth is something that pushed us outside of our comfort zone and that makes us discover new aspects and people in pur lifes that we would have missed out on otherwise. Life begins outside of your comfort zone. Don’t stay in there. That is boring! (How do you know if you should actually leave your comfort zone or if society ist just telling you to do so? Blogpost is coming)


Value #3: The most important relationship in your life is the one with yourself….

. because no matter what happens, you will always be with yourself. So you better make sure you have a great time being with yourself. Knowing who you are and what you stand for will make your life so much more enjoyable.


Value #4: You can totally do it!

You are the boss of your own life. You are in charge of (almost) everything that is happening to you/ that you experience and how you experience it. If you want something you can for sure get it. It is up to you… and only you!


Which of those values resonates most with you? Tell me in the comments below.

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