Do more of that “follow your intuition”-thing.

Intuition {noun}

the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning.

There is only one possible reason why you chose to read this exact blogpost. 

Something in your life is about to change. You either just feel it coming or you deliberately chose to change something. Before head into the good stuff let me tell you the bottom line of it all:

Your intuition knows what’s up. You just need to silence your mind.

When changes occur in our lifes, whether they are wanted or not, they can lead to a lot of confusion and insecurities. Thoughts like the following cross our minds: “What will my family and friends think?”, “I don’t want to regret my desicion”, “Is my choice leading me further in life or throwing me back?”. We create pros & cons lists. We do a lot of soul searching . Just to get to the conclusion: 

We still don’t know what the heck we are supposed to do. 

So how do we get to a solution? Will the answer just magicaly come to us and appear during a dream? It might. But that is rare, I believe.

Most of the time, there just comes a moment when you know. In that moment you just know what the right choice is. And you go for it, without hesitating.

When this moment comes, you have successfully silenced all of the dirstracting noises and voices around you. You started listenig to you own inner voice aka your intuition. This is the most beautiful thing. 

In the end – as always – it only matters that you can live with your choice. Choose the path that you’re a 100% confident with. The choice that you will never regret. Regret is an eternal question that you will never have the answer to and it will haunt you for the rest of your life.

So, do all of your pros & cons lists, talk to your friends about it and stuff …. but make sure that in the end you follow what feels right. 

How do you follow your intuition?

This sure looks different for everyone. The act of listening to your intuition is hard to describe and hard to put into words. When it happens, you just know….

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