What NOT to do when moving to a city like Munich

This is an a 100% accurate post. I have been home from a day out and about and my only wish right now: can I please lay down and do nothing?

Today is Saturday. The weekend. Without even noticing have I been running around like a crazy chicken  all day long. It is exhausting. Especially when it is super hot outside (like 30 degrees Celsius). Arent’t the weekends in a new city (on which you do not have many to-dos to fulfil) supposed to be more relaxed and good for restoring your batteries?

I use my own Saturday as an inspiration to write this blogpost. If you ever feel like me during your days off or if you just have moved cities as well, this is your post!

Here you will find 6 things you should avoid!

girlbossheaven moving to munich

Thinking you have to do it all

Oh boy, the big city life comes with a lot of temptations. The bigger the city the more you have to choose from. Whether that’s shopping malls, cafés, fitness classes, grocery stores, museums, activities to do, flea markets…

It is super easy to get in the thinking ‘okay, if the others do it, I have to do it too. Otherwise I am not doing it – aka life – right’. I caught myself doing that a lot in the past days. When I was coming home from work or taking a walk through the city, the only thing I could think of were all those people being busy and doing all those very interesting things. The girl who went to Yoga class, the group of young adults who was going to the river, other people getting ready to go out, this women buying new clothes, my neighbours chilling on their balcony.

Some of those things were not even on my ‘want to do’ list until I saw other people my age doing it.

If you are going through phases like this? S T O P it immediately. Re-focus on your own wants and needs and do those things. Don’t let the ‘peer pressure’ effect suck you in. If you let that happen, it will steal your happiness and make you super stressed and pressured. This is not how you want to live your new life that you have been waiting for so long.


Thinking you have to do it all AT ONCE

Continuing what I have said above and to go even further, do not think that you have to do it all at once! Maybe you actually want to do all of those activities and all of those things. Maybe that is why you have moved to a big city in the first place. Good for you. I say: go for it!

But you still feel pressure? Even though you want to do it all? Does it make you crazy thinking that you should be doing a 1000 things in one weekend. No matter what you do, it always feels like you should be somewhere else already. Take a step back and breathe. Remember that you have so much time to try everything out. You do not have to do it all in one weekend. If you are the ‘list’ person, create a ‘Things I want to do list’ and write down everything that comes to your mind. Plan your weekends ahead and see when certain activities fit in best. With this list, you do not have to worry about forgetting something you wanted to do.

girlbossheaven moving to munich

Questioning your ability to find friends within the first few months

It can be quite weird to go alone to your favourite café every Friday. The barista must think that you do not have any friends, right? Well, you might actually not have any friends right now, but you still choose to enjoy your life by going out on your own. This is not weird at all, this is something you can be proud of. You are not afraid to enjoy your own company. Not many people can do that.

So stop worrying about not having a huge circle of friends right at the beginning or even within the first few months. Good friendships take time and the right people! Stay positive, go out as often as you can and be open for new people. Your friends will enter your life soon.


Running around like a crazy person

Running around like a crazy person = hectically trying to get from one place to another, because you want to use your time efficiently. Example: Last Saturday I wanted to ‘quickly’ bike to the city centre and buy some shoes, go grocery shopping on my way home and after that I ‘quickly’ wanted to jump in the river to cool off.

The thing with trying to be efficient with your time? It can quickly turn into the complete opposite because you become hectic and start actually wasting more time than you save.

Again, when you feel like start to become this crazy person, take a step back and revaluate your priorities. Of course your to do’s are important, anyways you should allow yourself some peace and time to get them done. Do not let yourself get pressured to complete them within a snap of your fingers. You can still enjoy yourself and the city while getting your tasks done.


OVER-Thinking everything

Hi, my name is Franziska and I am an expert in over-thinking everything. This new chapter of my life has got my emotions all over the place. This often leads to over-thinking. And by this I do not mean that I overthink everything in a negative way. Often it is just a looooot of thinking.

With a move to another city, a lot in your life changes. Your surroundings, your friends, your routines, your everyday life…With all of those changes it is easy to question a lot that is happening and that you are doing. Did I make the right choice by moving here? Which first impression did I leave at my new employer? Will I make it in my new job?…

With all the thinking being done by our brains, it is likely for us humans that we start to question a lot. We basically start to over-think so much that we end up with questions about our existence (to exaggerate here). Hhahaha.

How to stop this? You can’t. At least not completely. You can do your best to reduce the over-thinking and not let it take over your day by simply a) distracting yourself b) remembering that it dos not do you any good.

It is tricky, believe me I know! Don’t let your days be ruined by it.

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Spending too much money

Let’s talk about another form of temptations. Like I mentioned above in the first point, the city life holds some major goodies for you. Not only in the activity department, but also in the grocery/shopping department. Even in the grocery stores, the city does seem to have more to choose from then on the countryside.

Of course you want to treat yourself a little bit and you are ok with spending a little bit of money on yourself. But finding a balance between treating yourself and actually wasting money is not that easy. Even the daily coffee at your fave shop can add up to a large sum every week.

Write down everything that you buy for one or two weeks and mark which of those things were unnecessary spending that you could have avoided. Learn how to keep your money together, so you have some left when it comes to vacation or emergencies.


Those were the 6 lessons that I have learned myself in the last 3 weeks that I have been living in Munich. Those were lessons that I needed to experience firsthand, so I was able to learn from them and enjoy life in Munich even more now.

Have you been experiencing something similar lately?

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