Moving to a new city – 5 ways to meet people

M U N I C H.


Today is the day! While you are reading this I am on my way to get the keys for my new appartment.

Let that settle in for a moment…

People who have know me for a while know how much this moment means to me.

Even while writing this – days before the big day – I feel a weird happiness rushing through my body. With this happiness does come another feeling.
Is it excitement?
Of course.
Still, there is this other feeling mixed with it. This feeling as if everything is finally falling into place. I am so content that I will feel at home (again) in this city. I will skip the step, where I wonder if I made the right choice. Because I know I made the right one. No doubt.

So, why am I writing this blogpost today?

*Disclaimer: I grew up in Munich until the age of 15. Then we moved. Now I am moving back to my home town*.

Of course there are still some of my amazing friends left in Munich. But – natrually – I want to meet a few more new people. Grow my circle of trusted friends. Add new souls to the mix. In order to attract those new friends into my life, I have to go out there and meet them.

If you are moving soon as well … or if you just want to meet new people, this is the blogpost for you. Here I’ll share 5 top ways to meet new people. Those tips will seem familiar and they will be super easy to follow along for you. Keep in mind, that those tips come from me being more of an introvert. Still, I do know that meeting new people goes hand in hand with leaving my comfort zone. You should keep that in mind too!


Here is what you can do to meet some new souls:

Meet your friend’s friends

Socialize at work

Join clubs/a gym/a studio

Meet people from Instagram

Live your life


P.s Who of you has been to the Hofgarten in Munich before? ↓

München Hofgarten Munich girlbossheaven

Meet your friend’s friends

If your friend is friends with them, those people must be pretty ok, right? So why not give it a go and get to know them a little bit better. You already got a first common conncection: your mututal friend. You can start of with some basic questions. Share a little bit about your friendship with your mutual friends.
Of course that doesn’t mean that you’ll automatically be friends. Maybe you will never be. But maybe you are lucky and you’ll become bestfriends with them too.

Socialize at work

Being friends or at least getting along very well with your colleagues isn’t something that works in every company. In the company I am leaving now with my move to Munich, I was lucky to have an amazing relationships with my colleagues and we had so much fun at work.
The good thing about finding friends at work is that you spend a lot of time with your colleagues, you work on the same stuff, you experience highs and lows together. This is a good starting point for a friendship.
Now you might think ‘but I don’t want to share my deepest secrets with my co-workers‘. And you do not have to do that. There are different kinds of friendships out there. You decide what you want to share with them and how far you let them enter your life. You can still be friends and have a great time at work together even though they do not know the name ofe your new crush.

On the opposite, I have heard of companies where a more – as some would call it – professional atmosphere is preferred. Aka you are here to work not to fiend friends.

Find out what is custom at your new workplace. If this is something that works out in your new company, then go for it. If this is something that totally does not fit the work codex, stay at a professional level with your colleagues.

Join clubs/a gym/a studio

Common interest are another great starting point to meet people. That common interest can be basically anything.

Any typ of sports, music, films, food, travelling, crafting, … Anything you can think of.

It is easy to meet those people in places where they can go after their passion or topic of interest. Google it, search in local Facebook groups or have a look around in your neighborhood.

Once you have found such a place don’t be shy and go inside/join the club. It’ll be so easy to meet like-minded people and maybe future friends there.

Meet people from Instagram

Yep, we live in a time in which it is totally normal to meet up with people from the Internet in real life.

By that: I don’t mean meeting up with that weirdo from that certain dataing app. Don’t do that! Just..just don’t.

But there is nothing that speaks against getting to know your tribe from Instagram. You know, those people who live in the same city as you do and those who support every single one of your posts? They share stuff with the same topics as you on their feed and they stand behind the same values as you do. Instagram was just the tool who brought you together so that you can continue your friendship in real life.

So ask yourself, is there anyone on Instagram who you follow religiously and who lives in the same city as you do? Maybe you are already in contact with them. Maybe not. Why not send them a quick message and ask to meet up over a coffee to talk about the one topic that you both seem to love?

Live your life

Wow, this point sounds so cheesy. I admit it. Bare with me for a second.
Under one of my last Instagram posts (click) I talked about how easily we let ourselves be pressured to hustle all the time and to be super productive (aka work a lot and always be busy). The impression that all we need to do hustle, hustle, hustle is often keeping us from enjoying life…and the little things. Meeting up with your friends for wine and meeting their friends as well. Going to a yoga class and chatting with other women over how it has changed their live.

Don’t be to busy to indulge in the vibrant life of the city you are moving to. You will miss out on a lot.

Let your to-do list be for a few hours and inhale every second that your beautiful life has to offer for you. You literally only life once. Make sure that once is enough.


Are you preparing for a big move? Where are you moving to?




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