How to: starting a new job – in a new industry

• Are your bored in your current industry?

• Were you fired? *ups*

• Did you hit a plateau?

• Do you want to get out of your comfort zone?

• The industry you studied for in university is just not your thing anymore?

Wanting to start a new job in a new industry can have many reasons. No matter what reason you might have for changing your career path, this is a huge and probably (for the most of us) scary step.

Guess why I am writing this blogpost right now?

You guessed it: I am changing my career path starting on August 1st.  New industry. New way of working. New city. New colleagues. New boss. New office. New work schedule. NEW EVERYTHING.

This blogpost will teach you 2 secret and most important steps that helped me land my new job.

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My first thought before writing this blogpost was: I am definitely going to share why I am making this change and tell you a little bit about the industry I am leaving behind and why. To be honest: there is so much to tell you about, but … I am not ready to talk about it just yet. I need some more time to sort my thoughts out, let my emotions settle…Get some distance to it. It was a part of my live for the last 4 years and 11 months. That is a long time, especially for someone at my age.

First of all: how do you find that new industry? There are so many possible branches, which could become your new home. That is the tricky part: not getting overwhelmed by all the choices.

Give yourself some time to figure that one out. You want to make the right decision this time. And even though there is nothing wrong with changing branches again after this one, we try to avoid it.

Do some brainstorming. Check out professional networks like Xing or LinkedIn. Do try out days.

Now, you already got all clear on the kind of job you want to have. Industry, department, position… and all you have to do it is to get it. This is easier said than done. How in the world are they going to pick you over someone with experiences in the industry?


Here is what I did:

Draw the connection: old industry -> new industry

1. Which kind of qualities and knowledge are required for the new job? Do you already have them? Did you already gain similar experiences in your previous job?

If so, make a connection to your current job. For example: in your current job you are constantly in personal contact with your guests (in the service industry for example), so you know how to deal with people and what it means to provide a service instead of just selling a product.
In your new job you won’t have the direct client contact on a day to day basis, but if there is any direct contact to clients you are a pro at handling them. You got a feeling for people. This is something that you cannot be thought in a few days. It takes practice, which you already have.

2. Which tasks would be yours? Have you been doing similar things? Do you already know the workflow?

This is similar to the “qualities”-part we just spoke about…with one slight difference. In my opinion, you can learn how to do a task within a few days. You can even teach it yourself. Become a student again.

That’s not how it works with qualities. Some people will do the same tasks as you do, but will never gain the same qualities as you do because their talents lie somewhere else.

For example Person A can work in retail for 3 years just like person B. But Person A is way better at the communication with clients than person B. Person B on the other hand has a way better feeling for numbers and logical processes.

Do you see it now? Drawing the connection is key when starting over in a new industry. Your future employer needs to see why you are the perfect fit for them even though you come from a (completely) different background

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Become an insider

Getting to know your industry of choice does not only mean learning more about your new employer and your position, but also the core of the industry.

Which trends are going on? Who is the market leader? What are the core services/products of the industry?

Having knowledge about the industry shows your interest and will to get that new job. It sets you apart.

Best way to get all that insider knowledge? Magazines, which focus on your industry, set a news alert on Google, read articles on industry related websites/blogs, listen to podcasts.



Do not put too much pressure on yourself (I am a pro at this btw) and leave your inner shy girl some space to grow and step out of that oh so loved comfort zone. That applies for the time you are still on the lookout for a job, as well as for the time when you are starting out within that new industry. The key is: You’ll grow into it by simply doing it. And if it doesn’t work out right away… Try again !

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