4 tips to make batch creating a HUGE success

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Before you continue reading you should definitely check out the first part of this blogpost: here you will find all the reasons why you should batch creat content.

You are at a point where you totally get it why all the big YouTubers, entrepreneurs, bloggers… choose one day to create a huge amount of content in different variations.

The next question that pops up is the “how”. How do you make your batch creating session a success?

It is simple. Totally simple. Sometimes the most obvious and simple tips&tricks are the most effective ones. So let’s head right in…

Schedule it

Prepare the basics

Get rid of distractions

Do not finish before you’re done

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Schedule it

You have to take content creation seriously in order for it to become a no-brainer for you. That is why you have to treat it like any other appointment in your life. Coffee dates, check up at the dentist, work… Choose a day and a time and write it down.

Prepare the basics

In order for the content creation process to be successful, you have to come prepared. So when the time to start creating comes, you can head right into it and not get all stressed out because you don’t know the answer to the following questions:

→ Where to shoot? Room, area, background….

→ What or who am I shooting? People, objects…

→ What is the project behind the pictures? Promoting a blogpost,

→ Can I use the pictures for anything else? Blogpost, further IG posts, stories..

→ How many different variations do I need of one “scene”?

→ How many do I need to take of each “scene”?

Get rid of distractions

Turn off your phones as far as possible. For taking pictures, you do not need an internet connection or general reception. That prevents you from getting distracted by messages from your bestie. You can answer those later. If it is possible, even turn off your laptop. You will be done so much quicker if you focus your attention to creating content.

Do not finish before you’re done

Since you came prepared (as seen in step 2), you know exactly when you are done with your creating process. Do not stop before that. You have to have every picture taken before you put your phone or camera away. Batch creating only works, if you take all the necessary pictures in one session. It is useless when you have to start all over again the day after.girlbossheaven personal development female entrepreneurs motivation mindset coach

Ooops, you did know about these tips&tricks already? Whyy are you still reading this blogpost then? Don’t we all kind of have this weird love-hate relationship with blogposts like this?!

At the first glance they do not offer any new and life-changing advice but if you look close enough you’ll find even more value than you expected. Why? Because from time to time we have to be reminded of the oh so obvious. We do not have to re-invent the wheel over and over again to provide real value. Often the basic (oh so obvious :D) advice is the best.

Don’t you agree?

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