Why you should batch create content

◊ Once again, you don’t know which picture to post on Instagram…

◊ Once again, you don’t know what blogpost to publish…

◊ Once again, you get stressed out because you have no time to produce content…

◊ And can we speak about how much it freaks you out that your feed looks so inconsistent?

Did you find yourself in at least 2 of those 4 sentences?

Do you constantly ask yourself to avoid situations like this?

Then this is YOUR blogpost.

Today, I will teach one of the most important tools that will make you stress less about your social media posts, YouTube videos or blogposts.

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Over the last few months and especially during the Visibility 101 course by the amazing Erin May Henry I once again realised that organising and automating processes is key. Even if you are just a hobby blogger like me.

→ Taking Instagram pictures

→ Pre-planning posts for Instagram

→ Filming videos for YouTube

→ Writing blogposts

→ Editing pictures

→ Sending newsletters

All of the processes above can be (at least to a certain extend) automated and perfectly organised. Why is this key?

♥ You spend less time stressing and more time being creative

♥  You are always posting consistently

♥  Your content has a consistent theme (whether that is a certain colours, vibe, topic…)

♥  You waist less of your precious time and got more time for your friends and family

♥  You can focus on the bigger picture (strategy, engagement, vision and mission, marketing, sales…)

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Batch creating is also great for helping you get settled on the basics of being a content creator like for example: creating content (duh)

It might not seem like it now, but creating content has to become a no-brainer for you, if you want to be truly successful. And by that I do not mean that you should create content without any emotions or creativity like a robot. Not at all. But rather the actual process of the content creation – in a literal way – should become a no-brainer. Creating content has to come naturally without a second thought. You know exactly what you have to do in order to let your idea and vision become a real piece of content.

Once you have that figured out, you will never have to ask yourself these questions anymore:

When am I going to take what kind of picture?


How and when do I edit them?


When do I post on what platform?


How should my feed look?


How does my intro look?


You are at a point where you totally get it why all the big YouTubers, entrepreneurs, bloggers… choose one day to create a huge amount of content in different variations.

The next question that pops up is the “how”. How do you make your batch creating session a success?

It is simple. Totally simple. Sometimes the most obvious and simple tips&tricks are the most effective ones. So let’s head right in… *to be continued*

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