What I treated myself to recently

Saving money is one of my top priorities right now… like literally my only priority right now. Last week, I drove 70 kilometers to Uni for nothing (that is a whole other story) and I got so mad at myself for spending all that fuel for well…nothing. Now I have to hold back even more in other parts of my life like even less eating out with friends (which I rarely did these last weeks) or treating myself to a coffee at my fave café. I have two main goals for which I am saving money right now and seriously, they motivate me like crazy to put a lot of money aside on my savings account (Have you seen my blogpost about saving money? Click here). Still, the way I reacted when I drove to Uni for nothing was a little too ambitious. So, I took a moment to myself and thought about two things I really wanted to treat myself to after working so hard on my bachelor thesis (Part 1 and part 2) and hustling at work. I tried to remember things that I really wanted to have and that would somehow benefit to my life and still were affordable. I’ll show you what I got.

Weekly planner must have

Time management

Every year I am little bit late when it comes to buying myself a planner. And when I do start the search for my perfect planner, I get discouraged easily because they all don’t meet my own personal “planner standards”. Ya know? One day I stumbled across the weekly planner (table planner) from Consider Cologne (Leonie and Lena are one of my favourite german YouTubers) and BAM I was in love. This planner is perfect. Now I don’t even need a pocket planner anymore…at least that’s what I tell myself. We will see.  Right now I am working with this baby and my time management is slowly getting better again. This was a really good investment for only 15 Euros, which will definitely enhance my daily routine.


A pinch of green on your desk Girl Boss Heaven

Next up is this little buddy. Honestly, I do not have a single clue what the name of this cute little plant is. I saw it at this adorable little flower shop, when I picked up some flowers for work….and it is Instagram worthy! Right now it is getting used to its new home, my desk. A pop of colour that is kind of brightning up my room. Yes, you guessed it. This is not an investment that is enhancing my daily life. It just makes me happy. Plants make me happy. And it only was 8 Euros with this metal pot.

A pinch of green on your desk

Overall, I have been really good with living up to my own money saving tips (click). From time to time I have to remind myself that I am only human and that I need some (tiny) motivation, when times get rough. Let me know in the comments below, how you are handling spending money while at the same time trying to save some. And by the way: how you like my new blogpost style? I have been experimenting with some colours and a different type of presenting my pictures. There are so many blogger out there, who inspire me with their way of edeting and I never knew how they did it.

Hope to hear from you soon!


P.S In the next few days I will REVEAL MY SECRET PROJECT!

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