OH BABY. I like it pure! Bio Végane Skinfood – Skincare Review

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What are the first thoughts that come up to you when hearing this word?
When it comes to skincare I did not have many options to chose from – hello, acne prone skin – so I went with what my dermatologist prescribed me. As I grew older, I became more interested in what I put in my body and what I apply on the outside as well. It just hit me one day, when I read the ingredient list on one of my moisturizers. All those weird ingredients I didn’t know and no sign of being cruelty free. Suddenly I felt the urge to throw those almost full products (I just had re-bought them. #error) in the garbage and not put it back on my skin again. I just didn’t feel right anymore. I began my research for new cruelty free skincare and I remember that I once saw this vegan brand on Instagram.

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Bio Végane Skinfood skincare review GirlBossHeavenThey offer those packages, which include smaller sizes of different products so you can try them out first. Of course, they offer different product lines for different skin types. I chose the one for mixed skin and the one for demanding skin.
When my order arrived, I was really surprised what other stuff I found inside the box: pretty postcards and two small sizes of their serum as a gift. YAY for surprises.Bio Végane Skinfood skincare review GirlBossHeaven Bio Végane Skinfood skincare review GirlBossHeaven Bio Végane Skinfood skincare review GirlBossHeaven Bio Végane Skinfood skincare review GirlBossHeaven

How does my skin feel now?

Well, I know that my acne and sometimes shiny skin won’t go away no matter which product I use. Only my nutrition and genes have total control over that. Still I can support my skin with the products I put on it. After trying the Bio Végane products I found my perfect support system. I love the smell, the texture and the effects.


One more thing….

I feel like the topic of cruelty and vegan skincare products is not getting enough attention. As well as the role nutrition plays in the topic of skincare. Personally, I still have to learn a lot about that, too. 2018 is going to be the year of educating myself more on topics like this with a special focus on nutrition. Here (click) you can find my plans for this year. It is not easy to find the perfect and at the same time vegan skincare. You can expand this topic to the area of shower essentials, soaps, clothes, shoes etc. Personally, I only use vegan skincare, shower gel and hand soap. I still wear leather boots and I have a coat with fur on it. From today’s point of view, I would never buy such a coat again, but throwing it away now wouldn’t make it any better. I don’t think that it is realistic to start using/wearing all vegan and environment friendly products from one second to the other. It takes a lot of courage, research and in terms of clothes also money to find the perfect alternatives. Taking small steps every day is a good way to start. Always keep in mind what effects your choices have on the world we live in.

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