How to travel alone

“Just because I like being alone, doesn’t mean I’m lonely”
This is one of the quotes that is dear to my heart. When I first read it, it immediately spoke to me. It used to be my explanation to people, when I tried to tell them that I actually enjoy being alone. Now it has become more of a explanation to people, why travelling alone isn’t such a bad thing.

Of course, I also love to take trips with friends and family. It is lovely (most times at least). But there is some magic in travelling alone as well. Freedom. Time for yourself, with yourself. Experiencing things in a different way. Freedom of choice. No discussions. I could go on like this. Have you ever travelled alone? Tell me about it! When, where, your experiences.

If you have never travelled alone, then here are 4 tips on how to travel alone.

Largo di Garda

1. Find a reason – your reason – for doing it

The first time I ever travelled alone, was when I went to Cologne to see Ariana Grande live in concert at the Lanxess Arena. I was and still am a huge fan of hers and the concert and Cologne and Berlin were the only concerts of her in Germany. As a big fan it was clear from the start that I would do anything to see my idol. The problem was: nobody wanted to go there with me. I was stuck. I was looking for any possible solution to go there. I couldn’t find any until I thought of the (at that moment) impossible. Travelling alone. Bam. I added three more days to my trip, so I would also be able to see the city a little bit. Seeing my idol live in concert was my reason. So worth it

2. Choose a destination that you are comfortable with

When travelling alone it is normal to feel lonely and overwhelmed at times. Especially, if it is your first time travelling alone. It’ll help if you are interested in the city you’re visiting. If the city fascinates you. Or if you feel at home in this city. Maybe your former home town is worth a short city trip. And after that you can take on the bigger and unknown cities. Being somewhere you feel comfortable is going to help you deal with negative feelings and emotions.

3. Prepare like a boss

PREPARATION IS KEY, people! This one of my main mantras. Prepare everything that is possible to prepare. Book accommodation and transport. Google the exact way to your hotel and your favourite places and restaurants you want to visit. Look up any important information you might need for your trip … There will still be plenty of space for the unknown and your creativity. Preparing will help prevent you from small catastrophes that’ll make you go crazy and feel helpless in the unknown city.

4. Don’t be too hard on yourself

We all have been there. Beating ourselves up for failing – or almost failing – or something not going as planned. This is totally normal. But when being in a new situation, far away from home and feeling vulnerable, beating yourself up can only do harm. So if you end up in a situation like this, do your best and move on. Move on and enjoy the rest of your trip. After your return home, you still have enough time to evaluate the situation.


No explanation needed.

Largo di Garda

I hope this blogpost inspired you a little bit to travel alone. I encourage you to give it a try and see what happens. It’ll only make your more rich in experience. And you can never have enough of that.

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