Strikes of motivation – New goals

Good soul music + a weird, but good, but weird conversation + emotional chaos + a clear vision =  a blogpost about strikes of motivation.

Isn’t it funny how sometimes motivation hits us in the weirdest moments? I experienced motivation in moments of rejection, in moments of pure happiness, in moments of sadness. I just might be watching videos on YouTube or I might be laying in my bed crying because of something. I might be looking at someones Instagram, Pinterest or read a really good blogpost. Motivation is a real mystery. An awesome mystery.

Today I had this really weird conversation. And even if the actual situation wasn’t that positive, I came out with a burst of motivation. A motivation that helped me overcome the negative aspects of this conversation. Here is what my new projects will look like.

Let’s start Yoga (again)

Like seriously #Letsstartyoga. Some of you may recognize the hashtag, which was brought to live by Jessica Olie and her awesome talent for Yoga. You should check out her accounts (#1 + #2). I always was a really flexible child thanks to being a (hobby-)gymnast. But with growing older I lost this flexibilty and at that point I didn’t even care about it. When getting back into working out regularly I was confronted with it again and stumbled across Jessicas account by accident (The best things always happen unexpectedly, don’t they?). She motivated me to try Yoga for the first time. That was about 1,5 years ago. I gained a lot of flexibilty and lost it again.
Today is the day that marks the first day of becoming flexible again. Let’s do this! Hold me accountable! I want to be able to do all of those poses.

Build my own empire

Looking up to people all the time and admiring them for what they achieved when I am stilling stumbling around? That is fine for a while and sometimes necessary, but there is limit. And when you have reached that limit, you need to start acting. Acting to make your own (even the smallest) dreams come true. To build your own dream empire and happy life. So one day in the near future, people look up to you. So you can lay back for a second and think “damn, I have finally made haters. Now watch me become even better.”
Start today! Do one thing that gets you closer to your goal. It doesn’t matter how small that goal is, as long as it makes you damn happy just thinking about it.

Become fearless (again)

I have come a long way from who I was four years ago. I was a totally different person back then when I started my dual studies. I have evolved, I crashed down, I got back up again. All the ups and downs that everybody experiences when they are not comfortable with who they are and they start wanting to change.
There was a period, when I did not care at all what people thought about me. Then some stuff happened in my life and I started caring about that again. It is not bad to care about what others think about you… but only if those people are benefitial to your life. Then you should definitley care about what the think of you. But otherwise, nah. Peoples opinions don’t matter. They only hold you back. Back from doing what your heart desires. And nobidy should ever keep you from that.

I want to be a runner

With being active on Instagram, I couldn’t help but follow a few really amazing people, who have the fitness game all figured out. People that motivate me crazy much. So much that I now made the decision to finally give this running thing a try. Yes, I am aware of the long journey ahead of me. And this is exactly what makes me motivated to do this. Having a goal to work towards to. If I ever get to experience the luxury of being bored, I’ll have something to do instead. I love seeing improvement and seeing hard work pay off. Since I am currently taking a break from BBG, I am looking for a new challenge. So this is what I’ll do. Do you have any tips for me?


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