London Part 2 – All the sights

Here we are again. My second blogpost about my trip to London at the end of July. Have you read my first blogpost yet? No? Click here and have a look at those stunning neighbourhoods and all the pretty English houses.

pretty english houses in London

When visiting a city for the first time the tourist hotspots are a must. At least a few of them. So that is what we (at that time ‘we’ were still together in London. Don’t know what I am talking about? Read my first blogpost) did.

London Big Ben London Big Ben big ben london

I have to admit that I wasn’t feeling well on the first day we did sightseeing, so all the people and the sun made me enjoy the sights a little less. You know the feeling, when your feet hurt, your back hurts as well (poor me! Hahah) you are so hungry that you get hangry and the mood of your travel partner isn’t the greatest as well? That’s when sightseeing becomes exhausting. But I still managed to get a few good shots.

The day we went to see the tower bridge, we were lucky to have the sun shining and we took some pretty pictures as well. Before we went there, we bought a few snacks at a supermarket (blueberries, smoothies and all the good stuff) and had a short lunch break in a cute little park (I don’t remember the name though. Close to the Tower Bridge)

tower bridge london tower bridge london me infront of the tower bridge in London

I tried to get at least a few pictures of me in front of one of those sights because it reminds me even more that I was actually there. I wouldn’t mind having a photographer as a travel buddy, so I wouldn’t have to worry about having enough good pictures of the city and of me in front of something. Who of you is a photographer and wants to apply as a travel buddy? Please send me an e-mail, alright?

On my second last day I went on another big walk through the city. I didn’t take the underground once in two days. Yay for those 1000000000 steps I must have made on those two days. Talk about a good workout when you are on vacation. The final destination for this walk was the St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Millennium Bridge. The syk was a little bit dark on that day; it was a little chilly outside. The dark clouds made the cathedral look even more impressive. I was so glad I took the route that first lead me to the Millennium Bridge and then to the cathedral, so I was able to enjoy the view at the pauls cathedral london st pauls cathedral london

London is a really lovely and beautiful city. I’ll definitely be back in the future. Btw, who of you lives in the London area?

underground sign london underground sign London red bus London red busses London Big Ben london eye big ben london

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  • Wir haben die U-Bahn relativ oft benutzt, da unser Hotel auch in Zone 2 des U-Bahnnetzes lag. Aber wir sind auch extrem viel gelaufen, daher war es nicht so schlimm 🙂 Ich finde es auch schwer, schöne Fotos von einem zu haben, wenn kein Fotograf dabei ist 😀 Glücklicherweise ist mein Freund sehr geduldig und macht die Fotos so lange, bis ich zufrieden bin 😀 Umgekehrt genauso 😀

    • Nachvollziehbar wenn man etwas außerhalb gewohnt hat. Ich fand nur das Bezahlsystem etwas verwirrend und ich wusste letztendlich nie was mich die ganzen Fahrten gekostet haben. Auf einmal war die Karte leer.
      Lucky you, dass dein Freund so geduldig ist. Neben dem ist es auch wichtig, dass er als “Fotograf” weiß, wie er dich ins Beste Licht setzten kann! 🙂

  • Such a lovely post! It brings back all the memories when I was there myself a couple of years ago. Thumbs up for not using the underground. 😀 Guess we nearly used it all the time.

    XO Jenny