How to: Bachelor thesis – Part #1

Oh boy. I am still in shock when I am sitting in front of my computer brainstorming for my bachelor thesis. Ahhhhh. How did time fly by so fast? I am for real doing the first steps in starting my bachelor thesis. This means my university time is basically over. Let that sink in for a moment. O V E R.
In order not to panic or to be paralysed by all the tasks and responsibilities awaiting me, I created a few guidelines for myself. Guidelines to live by and to pass on to everyone, who is in the same situation right now. It also doesn’t matter if you only write a paper/assignment for your class or if it is your bachelor or master thesis. I hope you find those guidelines helpful. Let me know in the comments below!

I set those guidelines at a point, when I already had chosen my topic and the broad range of information I want to put into my thesis.

Make a plan

This one is one of my favourite tips/guidelines ever. It doesn’t matter which topic I am writing a blogpost about, making a plan is always included. Why? Because planning things out is awesome and super effective.

Overall time schedule
The first kind of plan you have to think of is a time schedule. Papers/Thesis/assignments always have a certain period of time in which you have to finish writing it. You should never ever miss one of those deadline, because you can easily avoid this disaster. A time schedule should include your start date and the date you have to turn your work in. I always try to finish one or two weeks beforehand in order to have enough time left to re-write something or to read over it a few times. Now that you have set the broad frame for your work, it is up to you if you want to create more steps along the way. I am thinking of a reading period, a brainstorming period, a writing period ….

Schedule working periods
I am currently experiencing firsthand how it is to be working full time and still having to do university stuff afterwards. It is exhausting and sometimes makes me want to crawl in bed and hide there. But that is not what girlbosses do! One day I sat down and wrote down some points I needed to follow in order to get my sh** together. One of those things was: Schedule your working/writing/reading periods. It is so easy to come home after work/in the morning before going to work to just chill and do nothing. But when I schedule it like all of my other appointments I am more likely to do it.
A little something goes a long way. One hour or even ½ hour every day adds up at the end of the week. The best thing about it? I feel awesome afterwards. I feel like I’ve accomplished something even though I was so not in the mood for it. Best feeling e  v e r.

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Take a break

 Take a break. Stretch. Go to the airport. Buy a plan ticket and just leave.

Wouldn’t that be an awesome type of a break? Sadly, those types of breaks are only allowed after you have finished and handed in your thesis/paper. Let’s get back to those realistic breaks. There are different types of breaks I am thinking of.

5 minutes break: a break, where you get of your chair. Open the windows. Drink water. And stretch. And go back to work again. A little refresher.

Food break: Food aka a real meal should never be consumed while sitting in front of the computer working (except maybe when watching Netflix. Okay I’m totally guilty of this). My time frame for a good food break is 40 – 60 minutes. Not longer. Have your food. Enjoy it and try to unplug from your work. After you have filled your body with good nutritious foods (and you still have time left of your break) go for a short walk outside. It helps you to not feel crazy full and sluggish after your break. It also works as a refresher for your mind.

One day break: The type of break you take when your brain and thinking mind just need a break. The stuff and thoughts you produce are not of high quality anymore and you’re just sick of working on your paper/thesis that is when you take one day off. Like completely off.  Not doing anything for this paper/thesis. Not even thinking about it.

To be continued …


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