My August goals – All about the hustle

August, the month of awesome sunsets! Pictures are all taking from my room by me. I am in love ♥

August, the month when everybody is excited for vacation, sun and beaches –  Bonfires, cold drinks and rooftop bars – Spending time with friends and not doing anything that is close to being called work. Imagine it! Sounds perfect, right?

My life looks slightly different and basically always has since the law allowed me to get myself a job. Every summer break I worked at least half of the time. And I never had a problem with it. It was my choice and I had a little extra money to spend.
And even as a student I never had anything that you could call a ‘semester break’. It was all about work. Work. Work. Work. So, this leads myself to the question: What are my goals for August? What do I want to do, when I basically am at work all the time? Of course I still have goals, people! They just have a different focus than yours might have. And that is totally fine. Every goal is awesome. Tell me about yours in the comments below!

Succeed at work

In this working-period I am facing a few new challenges along the way. Until my last semester break, work was always the same and I knew what I had to do. But this time it is different. There will be no ‘end’ of the semester break, because there is no semester left. Only my bachelor thesis. I am working in a different part of my usual deppartment and this means: new tasks. They are totally manageable. But well, they are new. And this makes them scary. A little too scary. I am pretty sure that you have been in such a situation before.
So all I want to do in the next weeks is to give it my best and manage to get these tasks done. I will, I know that for sure. But it will take some days.


Work out regularly 

There is a high chance that I will be coming home from work most days and not feel like working out. This is when my willpower has to step in. I am not moving a lot at work, so a workout is a must. No excuses! I will follow my schedule and rest if my body (not my inner lazy person) is telling me to. But it has to happen.

Take things more easy

People acting stupid and not how I thought they would be? People not staying in contact with me even though everything was fine between us? People yelling at me for no reason? Breathe

The only thing I have power over, is how I choose to react to situations like this. On the one hand it upsets me not being able to manage peoples behaviour. But on the other hand I start to finally accept this fact. I used to spend hours over-analyizing peoples behaviour and trying to find out, what they were thinking. The only things this over-analyizing does, is stealing your happiness and creating scenarios that do not exist. Been there, done that. Not anymore.


Be consistent

This mainly applies to my blog and Instagram account . This goal will follow me through the entire year I guess, until blogging has become a part of daily routine just like working out.

Detox my contact list

Every contact list needs a little detox here and there. And since I am learning on how to let go of people who clearly don’t care about me, this is the perfect goal for August. The first step would be putting the What’s App conversation into the archiv and this will be followed by completely deleting the conversation.



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  • Great goals! You can totally do this! New tasks are always scary but after you did it you always feel stronger.
    Detox the contact list is a great idea. We take part in so many conversations on whatsapp etc. but at some point when life gets stressful we only read through it and get stressed by doing everything at the same time and don’t enjoy messaging with some people anymore.

    Good luck with your goals! Enjoy your journey!
    ❤ Jenny