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Weekly Snapshots #2

pinapple polaroid

Another week has passed. And honstely, nothing fancy and exciting has happened. Yep, I am that boring. There are just some weeks, when you have the exact same schedule for days and days. Who is with me? Here we go with another episode of my weekly snapshots.

Favourite Book

book by aimee song

I still haven’t finished the two books I mentioned in last weeks snapshots, but I couldn’t resist having a look at Aimee Songs amazing book. Besides the lovely making-off of the book, it has already provided me with some really good tips. And yes, I am again late to the party, because the book has been released last year. Who has read it?

Favourite memory

new york city empire state building

This never gets old. You can say that I am for real obsessed with this picture. Taken by yours truly. This picture just gives me a special feeling. The feeling of being free and in power of my own future. It stands for my dreams. Living the big city life, experiencing the inspiring vibes in the everyday life. When I took this back in 2014, I knew that this would find its way on the desk in my room, so I always have it in front of me to look at, when I need a little extra push of motivation. This week it had a special place in my heart again.

Favourite food

raspebrries in a bowl

Summer is just the time of my favourite snack: berries of all kinds. They are easy and quick to grab and no guilt when snacking on them all day long. I am more of a sweet tooth and I would always choose a sweet snack over something savory. Anyone else? There are some fitness gurus out there, who say you should limit your daily fruit (sugar) intake, and they are for sure not wrong in some way. But in my opinion there are other, way worse things out there, which we can put in our bodies.

Favourite quote

quotes by tarte dream big

When I ordered my all-time-favourite foundation in the Tarte online shop, I received the cutest package ever. It made me smile like fool. They wrapped the foundation in unicorn paper (hello, unicorn paper!!!!) and the package had this super cute card with a quote inside.

dream big. sparkle more. shine bright.

I think it is the most amazing thing, if companies send you your order, you don’t expect anything else and then they surprise you with a little something on the inside. That is how you make me a long-term customer. The card got a special place in my room.

Blogging process

screenshot of my Instagram account Girl Boss heaven

Yaaay! I finally opened up an Instagram account for this blog. Just click on the picture above to take a look. And don’t forget to hit the ‚follow‘ button to stay updated on what’s going on. It took me some courage to take this step, one more time of ‚putting mysefl out there‘. And guess what? I survived. What are you waiting for? It is your turn now. You might see some of this weeks weekly snapshots over there as well.

Next week’s snapshots will be so much more interesting and fun to look at, because they will consist out of London snaps. Yay, this is so exciting.

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