Update: Pinterest Inspiration – New Faves

Let’s talk about pinterest inspiration. When it comes to inspiration, Pinterst is one of my first adresses. It iks easy o use and there is some great stuff on there. From time to time I get into a little rush and add lots of new stuff to my pinboards. So, last week I hade a few of these days. Here are my three favourite pinboards:

Summer vibes

summer vibes pins pinterest inspiration

Welcome to my home

home interior pins pinterest inspiration

Must see places

must see places pins pinterest inspiration

With starting my blog and someday wanting to by a real #GirlBoss in the near future, I find Pinterest really helpful. It provides me with links to other blogposts, helpful resources and ted talks. Recently I just hit two words in the search bar “Girl boss” … and BÄM: mayor inspiration. I kept on scrolling and scrolling and I added a lot of quotes that motivate me on my Words board. Who doesn’t love quotes?

There will be a whole lot of pins added in the future. And I do have some more pinboards in store for you on my profile. Just click on one of the pictures above. And make sure to leave me the link to your profile as well!

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