London Part 1 – All the cute streets

London, oh London. Last week we met for the first time.
I can’t believe I have never made it to London before. This city is so lovely. I really liked all of its cute houses and neighbourhoods + the people living and working there!

Attention: this blogpost basically only has pictures of streets and houses in it. Guilty! cute little houses in notting hill london cute little houses in london

The people

Everyone seemed so calm and not hectic at all … at least on the outside. It didn’t matter if it was at a store or in the underground. In Germany people (sadly) often get mad when someone in front of them is walking to slow or blocking the way. No sign of that in London.
Another thing that stuck with me was the friendliness of the people. I had breakfast at this one place twice and the supervisor there was really caring and always talking to me. You have to know,I was alone in London for the most part of my trip (more to that later. Hahaha). He even made me (and us Germans in general) a compliment for my English and that I am actually talking to him, unlike some other people. Made my day!cute streets in london cute streets in london

Me, myself and I alone in London

This city-trip was somehow planned really well and also totally chaotic at the same time. I am not going to go too much into detail here. Privacy and stuff. But let me tell you: after the second day I was on my own in London. My travel-buddy “was gone” and I had to get along on my own. I know how to travel alone and I like it … and I know how to deal with stuff. But if you are not prepared to be on your own, it might cause some anxiety for a few moments. And that is what happened. My thoughts were all over the place and I even called my parents for advice. It helped me to re-focus and clean my messy thoughts. I made a master-plan for the remaining days of my London trip and set it into action. The most important thing was actually to just do it. My situation wouldn’t have gotten any better, if I would have sat around waiting for a magical solution to come around the corner. Sitting around is not how GirlBosses deal with things like that. They act! They do! They move!
I got myself some Wi-Fi and searched for an accommodation for the next few days. Booked it. I got myself some food. Went to the old hotel and got my luggage. Moved into the new place. Ate my food and was happy for a few hours. Then I made another plan for what to do with newly gained time, since my travel buddy wasn’t there anymore to decide on what to do or not to do. Another perk of travelling alone. cute streets in London

My to-do list

On my to-do list was also some ‘touristy’ stuff, because that is what you do when you visit a city for the first time (there is a second London blogpost coming with picture and details on this) When I am visiting a city for the second time I often focus on other things like the favourite spots of locals. cute streets in londonWhat I also love to do is just going for a walk. Nothing special, just a simple basic walk around the city. When I do that, I only chose a start and finish point + a broad route. So I have the freedom to just walk into another direction or along a cute street that I just discovered. I mean, who doesn’t like discovering things? Especially when those things are cute, little streets. Yes, I have a thing for small, random and cute streets.
cute streets in londonflowers in london cute houses in notting hill london flowers in london

Shopping and stuff

Shopping is of course another guilty pleasure of mine that I wanted to fulfil in London. I did found some stuff, but only at Victoria’s Secret actually. I have been wanting to go there for ages. Since I bought something there for the first time, which was in New York City 2014.  You see, I have waited quite a while now. Nothing beats Victoria’s Secret underwear. Who is with me?

cute street in notting hill


After being at home for a few day now, I regained my energy and my health (got a little sick on the last day in London). Now I am finally able to go through my whole city trip again and take a look at all the pictures I took. London is a really beautiful city and I am sure I only saw a tiny piece of it. That is not enough for me and I’ll for sure be back. But for now now more travelling, becuase my Bachelor thesis is calling. Who of you is writing his/her Bachelor thesis as well?

Leave me a comment with your London experiences below!

Btw, this blogpost actually inspired me to do one about ‘travelling alone’ and its pros and cons. Get ready for this! (Click here to read it)

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