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July Goals

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Every year, every month, even every day we get the chance to restart our thinking, to re-prioritize our intentions or to simply reach for something new, something different. There is a little magic magic & a lot of excitement involved when it comes to new chances. And nothing is set in stone. We decide how our lifes look like. Isn’t that exciting?

Each first week of a new month there are all of these „My goals for July“ post coming up and I am eagerly awaiting them. Posts like this motivate me in a weird way. They motivate me to think about my own life and my personal progress. To re-evaluate the last month and how close I got to my monthly goals. They make me realise that my own goals were too small and that I can reach way higher than this. So all summed up: they motivate me to work even harder.
Instead of just writing my July goals into my journal, like I always do, I’ll share them here with you today (such a post is still okay on the 5th of the month, right?).

Before you start reading I want to encourage you to think about your goals first! Maybe you can even write them down somewhere. Or if you have a blogost published about that topic as well, leave me a link in the comments below!

Make it through my exams

At the end of every semester we have 3-4 weeks of exams. During the semester we don’t write those „typical“ exams. But we do have to hand in projects, papers, presentations that are being graded.
Those exams weeks stand for long hours in front of the laptop, long hours of revising my summaries, getting up really early to #getshitdone, reduced social life etc. These are circumstances that my „old“ me would have used to completley fall out of my usual routine, to stay up until 1am or 2am instead of getting up early, to eat like crap and to skip workouts.
My „improved“ me won’t let exams mess up a proven routine. So my goal is to stay on track, study like I have never studied before and give it my best! I want to work hard now to not regret it later.

Continue my fitness path

Like I said in my previous goal, I want to continue working out and eating healthy like I did the past three months. In the last years I have struggled to find & keep a routine that I enjoy and that makes me see results. Now that I have found one (hello #BBG!) I want to not only contiune it, but also improve with every workout I do.  I have never been more happy with the current state of my fitness routine. I’ll definitely make sure that it stays that way.

Grow as a blogger

This is probably one of the most scary & challenging goals I have set for myself. Becoming a blogger, the blogger that I want to be, is setting me outside my comfort zone. Even though I love experiencing new things and growing by challenges like this, I am still human and massively afraid of it. What if it isn’t going to work out? The goal is to give it a go, be persistent, be bold and have fun with it. We will see how it goes. The most important thing is: I am so excited to see what happens. This is basically nixing the fear. Read more about my reasons for blogging here.

Be more calm & mindful

With all the long study sessions and so few time for myself, I tend to turn into an even bigger perfectionist than I already am. I want my summaries to be complete & perfect. I want my days to flow perfectly as planned, to get up really early and to spend the free time I have left the right way.
At some point the perfectionism is hindering me from actually doing things the way I wanted to do them. I spend more time obessing over how not-perfect things went until I realise I should just let it go and accept the fact that this time it didn’t go a 100% perfectly.
So, I want myself to be more calm, at ease & peace and more mindful. This will reduce my stress. Make me appreciate my free time more. And in general gain more live out of my day.

Take a short trip

Every hard working person is allowed to reward themselves. This looks different for everybody. Some people will buy a long wanted item. Others just want to relax and do nothing. Some people, like me, want to go on a little adventure. My adventure will be visiting my best friend in England (excitement-overdose!). She moved there for work reasons and I can take advantage of that. Get ready for some rural-England-area + London posts!


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  • Reply Ellese

    Congrats on finishing exams! These goals sound wonderful. XO, Ellese


    2017-07-07 at 3:50 AM
    • Reply Franziska

      Hi, Ellese!
      You are the first person to leave a comment on my blog. That makes me really happy!

      I still have 3 more exams to go. But then I’ll be done!
      Thank you 🙂

      Love, Franziska

      2017-07-07 at 3:36 PM

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