How I became an early bird

Either you are already getting up early due to work and you want to kind of enjoy it more. Or you are like me and you are stuck in a circle of going to bed late and as a consequence getting up late.
I am happy to announce: YOU can be an early bird! I did it … and became an early bird myself and that is why I want to share with you how I made it work.

Before we head into my tips, a little storytime:

In my case going to bed late meant: never before 11pm – midnight. Getting up late meant: never before 10am – 11am. (Tell me about your usual bed times in the comments below). That was my routine. Especially during exam times, that is when it got really bad. I told myself that I do study best around 10pm -1.30am. That’s the timee when the world is quiet; no messages, no phone calls, no posts on IG … As a result I slept in every day. The world around me was already wide awake, when I first opened up my eyes. And I was fine with that. I did not have a problem with my day starting when days of others were already half done.
This extreme staying up late got a little bit better everytime when exams were over. But still, …

When I became more interested in the topic of personal development and being efficient with my time, I knew I had to change something. That is what I did. I watched tons of YouTube Videos, read many blogposts about ‘How to get up earlier’. Quickly it became pretty clear what the basics for getting up early are. Not everything worked for me. And that is totally fine. Oh boy! How it changed my life for the better. Try it and you’ll understand what I am talking about. My “getting up late”-me would be shocked how much I like it. I’ll do another blogposts about the benefits I experienced of getting up early. Stay tuned.

Go to bed early

This might sound so obvious to you, but I actually made the mistake of continuing to go to bed late. How is your body supposed to get up early and function properly with a lack of sleep? I try to get at least 7-8 hours/nigh. Of course there are days, when this is just not possible, life keeps getting in the way. But try to stick with this most days of the week. To not shock my body right away, I went to bed 15 minutes earlier everyday. And a few weeks later I reached my goal bed time (for me, I chose 10pm – not later; depending on my scheule for the next day)

Unplug an hour before bed

For me that meant putting my phone away (I even turn it off completely every night. Some of my friends don’t even know how tot turn theirs off. haha). Closing my laptop and not watching my favourite Tv series. Not being online and dealing with those devices, I started taking this new spare time to deal with myself. I finally had time again to read a good book.


I also created the habit of doing a little (or a big) calming yoga sequence. This helped me relax so much. When I now go to bed, I am already more at ease and more calm. No more tossing around in bed thinking all the thoughts in my head. My mind is calm.

These are afew of my favourite yoga routines for bed timeYoga with Adriene

Set several alarms

This is a little radical, but somehow effective. When my alarm went off, I was normally awake right away (sounds good, right?) But the only reason I was awake and up at my feet so quickly, was to try to hectically turn off my alarm… well, because it was so loud and disturbing. With such a harsh awakening, I instantly was in a bad morning mood.  In order to help let myself ease more into the day, I now set one alarm ten minutes before I actually have to wake up. I choose a calm and somehow quite tune for that one. Without any regrets I can snooze this one. At least my body is somehow awake now and I won’t be too shocked when my real alarm goes off a few minutes later. I  don’t really go back to a deep sleep after the first one, I rather let my body wake up really slowly.

In case you don’t trust yourself to wake up after the second real alarm, set another two or there. Or get a real alarm clock, like the one in the picture below. They are incredibly loud! I got a similar one at IKEA and when that one goes off, believe me, you are a 100% awake.

red alarm clock

Create a real morning & night routine

The great thing about a routine for me is: I know what to expect. This makes getting up early or going to bed early more easy. Those morning thoughts I had… like ‘It is so cold outside’, ‘I dont know if I should workout or not’, ‘What do I do first: shower, breakfast..?’ don’t work anymore. I now know how every of my mornings is going to look like. Get up, grab my prepared workout clothes, be active, shower, breakfast, then life. This is a proven routine for me. When I wake up, I just function … before my brain figures out what I am doing. Since I do it like this almost everyday, I know the benefits and I don’t question it.

There are some great #GirlBoss inspired routines on YouTube. Take a look at the two morning routines below. And can I just quickly say how much I adore Erin & Ashley ? Are you watching their videos already?

Most imporantly: don’t give up. There is a reason why the quote Old habits die hard is still a thing. Because it is true! It takes time to ajust to something new. Change is uncomfortable. But what matters most, is to do the first step, and after that one take the second step … It doesn’t matter how long it takes to reach your goal, as long as you don’t give up. Don’t give up, ok? Message me, if you are in need of some encouragement.

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