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Hello and welcome.

… to my blog.

…to my very first blogpost e v e r.

…to GirlBossHeaven.com.

Who am I and what is this all about ?

The basics: my name is Franziska, I am 22 years old and living in the south of Germany. I am a Tourism-Management student in my second last semester. More about me here.
This picture of me is already three years old. New York City. 2014. I still wanted to share it with you. It is by far my favourite picture that was ever taken of me. My hair was still long. I was way younger. On that day I felt like I’m on top of the world!

A few weeks ago, I didn’t really thought I was actually going to open up a blog. It was just not a serious option. On Instagram I follow a few people, who decided to open up a blog just because they not only wanted to share their thoughts via pictures on Instagram, but also add some content around it. That’s really brave, I always thought. It takes a lot of work and courage to put yourself out there. For me, it also has something to do with being vulnerable. One day I stumbled across the YouTube channels/websites of several entrepreneurs, I read there stories and what they are doing now. They started out with simply wanting to share their thoughts and might inspire someone with it. They put in more and more work and suddenly it turned into so much more. That was the moment when it made ‘click’ in my head and I thought well, if they can do it, so can I.
I enjoy giving advice to people and sharing my tips with them. Over the last few weeks there was this urge in me to talk to you about certain topics, discuss about it, exchange tips with each other …  and simply connecting with like-minded people. So why not share it on my own personal plattform GirlBossHeaven.com.

What will I be blogging about?

Personally I think a blog should be about a topic you enjoy thinking about (your business, your passion …). Otherwise it doesn’t make sense to me.
So, what do I like ?

  • travelling (duh! tourism student!) aka discovering new places
  • semi-professional photography (I just take pictures of things that I consider beatiful)
  • personal development

Wait, what? Personal development? Yes, you heard right.
I am a strong believer in #WORKHARD & #HUSTLE & #CREATEYOURHAPPINESS.

Everybody (you included!) can become the best version of themselfes. YOU can reach your dreams. YOU can have your dream job. YOU can create the life you have always been dreaming of. YOU can be an organized and hard-working Girl Boss. YOU …. I could always go on like this.
In order to make all of the above come true, you need to work on yourself (wow, surprise) and develop yourself. Like developing a master project, but this time you are the center of this project. That is what I mean by personal development.
My personal experience tells me that being organized, planning ahead, having a structure in your day and having an open mindset helps you get closer to you dream-self. Right now that might still be some inspiring person out there on the internet, but soon it will be you! We all have one person in mind, who we admire and whish we could trade lifes with. I am pretty sure that at least one person just popped up in your mind, right ? Tell me in the comments below!

Why GirlBossHeaven?

GirlBoss = … because all Girl Bosses are just awesome ?! And I want to connect with you and become one myself.

Heaven = … as in a save, super awesome and calm place for you to find everything you need to become a Girl Boss, to connect with like-minded people …. or just to become more organized … or to see what I am up to.

Do I know what I am doing ?

Honest answer ? No! Not exactly. I dont’t know how to edit pictures somewhere else then in Afterlight on my phone. I don’t know much about blog-design. I don’t know exactly how my blog posts will look like.
What do I know? I know how to put my thoughts in words (I guess). I know how to take pictures and use my camera. I know how to aks for help, if I need it. I know that it all takes time. And I am pretty confident that when I look back at this article in a few months … or even next week … I will already be one step further. I really am looking forward to gaining all that knowledge by just simply doing it.

This is it for my first blogpost. Yay, I’m so happy about this. There will be a lot going on here soon. A little something to get to know me better, a little something to become an organized girlboss, a little something to get you inspired….

I am really excited to be on this new path and share all of it with you! Are you excited? What would you love to see on here ? Or you just wann say hi? Leave a comment!

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