How to use a planner effectively

Today’s post will be a short guide about the basics on how to use your planner effectively. If you don’t have a planner yet this hopefully helps you to get a feeling what to look for when buying one.
Why is my second blogpost about planners? For me planners are the first step to becoming oranized and effecient in using your time, because your time is precious. I always head a thing for planners. I bought my first one in 7th grade already and have never been without one ever since. In those early days I used it to soley right down my homework so I wouldn’t forget about it. But when I got older and I had more and more stuff to do it became a life saver!

All the headings in my calender are in German. I hope you still find them useful.

What do I put in my panner?

Currently I write down basically everything. That includes: all of my lectures, my appointments, my work schedule, my exam dates, notes of things I shouldn’t forget, thoughts and of course when to meet up with my besties. And yes, you are allowed to put time with your friends in your calender just like all those other “appointments”. That is not a bad thing. Here are some tips on how to plan your workouts.

What qualities should a proper planner have?

The outside / the design
Even though the most important features of a planner are found inside, the outside does play a role as well. It’s simple: you have to like looking at it and love working with it. If it is pretty, you’re more likely to pick it up.

The general feautres

Overview of the year: amongst the first pages of a proper planner, there is usually an overview of the whole year. It gives you a general and quick look at all major important events this year and you don’t have to flip trough all the pages of your calender. I would recommend only writing really important dates in here. You might mark your vacation time there or big exams.

Weekly overview: I personally like to have my whole week on two pages with one vertical column for every day. You can see it in the pictures below. Having some space for notes on this page is great as well. Overview is the keyword again, because you get a glimpse of your whole week at once and don’t miss out on anything.

Why one whole vertical coloumn?
It’s all about having an overview (you’ll hear this word a lot in this post) of everything. I write down the start of the appointment and when it ends, the time desdription on the side helps to get a realistic feeling for the lenght of an appointment. That’s important so you don’t get a wrong impression on how much time you have left on that day.

Why are those boxes on top of every day useful?
There are some day that are all about one specific thing that influences the rest of the day. Or there are days on which something is happening you shouldn’t forget about. For example: you big exam or you besties birthday. Once you put it up there you’ll be reminded of it immediately.

 Why use different colours?
Again, it’s all about overview my loves! I recommend not using more than three olours, your normal pen included.
My pink highlighter to … well, highlight really important points that need to be done withing this exact day.
My golden pen to write down the overall goal/appointment/thought of this day. I basically only use it for the box on top.
My black pen (with blue ink) to write down all the other stuff that has a normal/neutral priority.

Why check things off?
It gives me a feeling of relief, because I don’t need to worry about this point anymore. I know for sure that I accomplished it. Just as simple as that. I mean, who doesn’t like checking things off a list?

Those are the main points that I consider being important qualities of a planner. I hope I was able to give you some inspiration to use you planner more often or to buy one for yourself. Believe me when I say: it’ll make your life so much easier!

What are you looking for in a planner? Leave me a comment below. I’d love to hear from you.


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