Why fitness makes you more organized

Hard work pays off. No excuses. Keep going. That’s what people say. And that’s exactly what I didn’t believe until one year ago. My fitness “routine” was all over the place. I did a little bit of cardio here, huge amounts of HIIT there and some random weight exercises now and then. I thought I was working so hard, but the results never came. I got discouraged and was about to quit working out for real.

And then this famous moment of “now I get it!” hit me. I basically stalked all of my fitness idols on Instagram and by idols I don’t mean fitness models, I mean those beautiful ladies, who are working out not because it is there job, but  because they like it. I saw a pattern on all of their accounts. They have a real routine. Something they do everyday, for every week of the year. They have a plan, guidelines, something like a road to results. Something that guides them to finally seeing a change. Of course those ladies will still experience ups&downs, but at least they were getting closer to their goals. Some things in life just work with a routine. Working out is one of them.
Do you already start seeing the connection between fitness and being organized? If not, keep on reading.

A workout schedule provides you with a structure for your week.

Our schedules can be become quite crazy from time to time and we are quick to just quit something that doesn’t seem as urgent for somehting that is screaming for our attention right away. And suddenly it is 10pm, we should be laying in bed soon and we haven’t done our workout yet. Sounds similar? Planning ahead prevents you from missing out on it. It provides you with a structure for your whole week, so you can plan your other appointments around it. Always keep in mind: working out is time you invest in yourself, your soul, your health and overall happiness. I personally think it is totally fine to schedule everything else around it. Because if we are not in our best shape, physically and mentally, we will not be able to perform efficiently in other parts of our lifes. Of course there are exceptions! There will be days when your family, your work or uni are just more important. I get it. I have those days too. Just give it this scheduling a try!
In order to create a workout routine, you need to plan every single one of your workouts: what/when/where/how long? (There are so many tools out there to help you with that. I’ll mention a few examples at the end.)

A planned workout leaves you with more time for other stuff.

So now that your workout schedule has provided you with a clearer structure of your week, let’s see what it can do to increase your spare time. I used to never know what I was actually going to do during my workout, I ended up searching for home workout videos or printable workouts for more than 10-15 minutes before every workout. That adds up to 90 minutes per week (working out on 6 days/week) !!!! 1,5 hours that could be spend with your friends and family or working on your future. Just think about it for one second!

Planning your meals ahead prevents you from stressing over what to eat.

Stress is a thief. It steals your hapiness and it steals your time. Stress is often unnecessary and occurs when there is a lack of planning and organisation. I often experienced that in situations where I had so much stuff to do and didn’t know which one to start with. I started stressing about that I was runing out of time, that I didn’t know which had priority number one. So I ended up losing so much time, instead of being productive. Or if I haven’t planned my meals ahead, so I was left with an empty fridge, the stores were already closed and I was getting so hungry (…and grumpy.. hahah). I started stressing about having nothing to eat that’s healthy and all of my progress would be lost.
But not anymore! Since using something looking like a timetable to write down my meals and making a grocery list, I always have healthy options at home. And that has made me so much happier, more calm and relaxed. (Timetable and grocery list from ToneItUp, Bikini Series 2017)

Journaling your workouts and meals

This has changed my life so much! I never thought it was actually possible. When I first read about journaling your workouts I thought it was old fashioned and time consuming. Journaling doesn’t have to consist out of a hardcover book and you writing by hand. For me that is my second Instagram account, posting a sweaty selfie or a pic of my food and writing a really short summary of my day and my workouts. The best thing about doing it online is: there are people out there reading it, commenting on it and encouraging you to push yourself! It gives you a feeling of having many accountability partners out there, which you don’t want to dissapoint. I would never lie to all of my followers there, but I also want to have something to post. Result: I workout and eat healthy. I take pictures to “prove” it. If I don’t do it, I have nothing to post. Just as simple as that.
I know this isn’t for everybody. Another option would be turning to a really good friend of yours and asking them to be your personal accountability partner. So you just text them what meals you had, what workouts you did and if you had slip-ups. It works the same.

Tools to organize your meals and workouts.

Either you are a creative person and you’ll create these tools yourself or you just use the tools you find on websites like Pinterest or websites of fitness gurus.
So if you’re like me then you’ll use the tools someone else provides. I made great experiences with ToneItUp. Attention: I’m a #TIU girl! With all of my heart. I am in love with this community. So go check them out!
When you are a member you get everything for free (like for example challenge programs), but they are offering tons (!!) of free stuff on there website. Under the tab “DailyWorkout” they post a workout routine for every single day.

There is even a printable “weekly schedule” available, where you can check your workouts off (they post it on the beginning of every week) Don’t worry if you don’t own any of the workout Dvds, you can easily exchange them with free workouts from their YouTube Channel.

Chances are high that at least one #BBG girl is reading this post. When I started BBG for the first time, I wanted some kind of overview of all the workouts I did and still had to do. There is this nice little timetable I found on Pinterest, which is just perfect for BBG, no matter which week you’re on (which week are you on btw? Leave me a comment). I used this “x” to mark worouts I’ve already completed and use the “o” to mark my planned workouts. “BootyCall” means something like “morning workout before breakfast”. I used to hate working out in the morning and now I am crazy proud to see so many completed morning workouts.

If you are looking for a workout schedule, which is not being provided by a fitness community, just go in Google, search in pictures and type in “blank workout schedule”. It works the same on Pinterest. The good thing with searching on Pinterest, there are so many posts comming up with completely written out workout schedules (just like the one from ToneItUp), so that is nice if you are still looking for a complete program.

Of course there are so many more fitness programs and websites out there,which provide you with all of the tools. These were the ones I tried out myself and worked really well for me.

Let me know in the comments below when you try out something I mentioned above and we can chat about pros&cons! I am always open for new tips or new programs, so hit me up!


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