Secret project REVEALED !!!!

    Contributing writer for LifeByHer

    Long story short. The LifeByHer team was looking for contributing writers in different categories for their new media site … and I gave it a shot and applied for it. As you already know, I rather try something and fail, instead of having to regret not trying for the rest of my life. And now here we are. Can you believe it? I was chosen to be one of their new contributing writers! You will find my posts in the category ‘recipes’. Yeah, I know. Who would have ever thought that I’d become a part of such an amazing project ?! And more importantly of such an amazing community. LifeByHer girls, if you are reading this, leave me a comment down below.

    What is

    LifebyHer is two things:

    • a digital magazine sent to you every month. There you’ll find inspiration for everything a GirlBoss needs inspiration for … including fashion, fitness & health, hair care & styles, interior … and a little bit of everything. Just have a look here.
    • a brand new media site that you will be obsessed of! It is a source of inspiration that you have been dreaming off. That is where you’ll find my posts as well once it is up and running.

    … and even more. It is a community, a friendship and a lifestyle.

    Ashley Brooke LifeByHer Boss

    The main mastermind behind all of this is Ashley. Just have a look at her YouTube Channel and her Instagram and you’ll fall in love with her immediately. With more than 83 000 followers on Instagram and more than 287 000 followers on YouTube she inspires a lot of people around the world. Together with the LifeByHer Team,  she creates all the content for LifeByHer and her YouTube Videos. The real BossBabe she is, Ashley also runs the blog What an inspiration!

    I have the honour to call myself a member of the LifeByHer team since December 2017, when I got the confirmation that I was chosen out of many other applicants (still feels sooooo unreal to say this!).

    Now that the secret is finally out, did you see it coming? What did you think my secret was? Let me know in the comments below.

    That is exactly what I have been talking about in past blogposts (here, here and here), when I was talking about going after your dreams and rather trying things out, instead of always holding back and wondering ‘what if’. What if you fail? Yep, that is a possibility. But what if you succeed, darling? What if all of your plans and dreams become your reality? The possibility to have all of this come true is so damn worth the try!Dream big who said you can't have it all quote GirlBossHeaven

    I am so proud of myself to give all of this a shot and I still can’t believe that it actually worked out. YAY! I’d love to see you check out once the site is up and running! I’ll keep you updated and let your know when it goes live!

    Lots of Love,
    from a really happy Franziska


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